Scientific activities

My main activity is to conduct researches in astroparticle physics. I am a particle physicist and intend to use natural environments as laboratories to perform measurements and search for new phenomena beyond the standard models of particle physics and cosmology. One example of such a kind of research is the identification of the cold dark matter, making up 84% of the matter content of the universe. I also conduct searches for new particles such as axions, derive constraints on cosmological models and study high-energy emissions from violent phenomena in the universe. I am mainly an experimentalist working in the field of gamma-ray astronomy, and I also conduct some phenomenology studies on dark matter, axions, dark energy, gravitation, etc. I also lead a R&D project for developping new types of mirrors for gamma-ray astronomy. Until 2016 I was the PI of an ANR project dedicated to fundamental physics with extragalactic observations with gamma rays.

Large research collaboration memberships

- Member of the HESS collaboration (~250 members)

- Member of the CTA consortium (~1300 members)

- Co-author of the IAXO conceptual design report (~90 co-authors)

- Member of the MADMAX interest group (22 co-authors)

Institutional responsibilities

- Scientific coordinator of the CTA project at CEA: coordination of the scientific activity at CEA

- CEA representative for CTA-France: two representatives of the French labs (one CNRS, one CEA) are in charge of coordinating French projects and preparing the application of the French funding for CTA (40 M€, 12% of the project)

- 2014-2016 : Convener of the Astroparticle Working Group of the HESS collaboration: coordination of the prospects, observations and analyses related to astroparticle physics and exotic physics

- Principal investigator of the CEA mirror project for CTA : coordination of the R&D activity, including industrial transfer, with a group of 2 physicists, 2 engineers and 2 technicians

- Principal investigator of the ANR funded CosmoTeV project ("projet jeunes chercheurs") dedicated to the search for new physics with extragalactic gamma-ray sources

- 2012-2016 : Member of the scientific committee of the French PNHE program (Programme National Hautes Energies) of INSU, dedicated to high energy astrophysics : provides expertise for French programs, space missions, grant funding to individual projects.

- Member of the scientific experts group for the Physics Department of the Université Paris-Saclay

- Participation to the European Strategy for Particle Physics, organized by CERN, as scientific secretary for the preparatory group, dedicated to astroparticle physics

- Referee for peer-reviewed journals: Physical Review Letters, Physical Review D, The Astrophysical Journal, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, Experimental Astronomy, Chinese Physics Letters, Astrophysics and Space Science Transactions

- Participation to the 2012 in2p3/Irfu prospect, as coordinator of the indirect searches for dark matter

Supervision of students ad post-doctoral fellows

- 2014-...: Supervisor of the PhD work of Matthias Lorentz, « The universe transparency to very-high energy gamma rays with H.E.S.S. and related fundamental physics»

- 2011-2014: Supervisor of the PhD work of Denis Wouters, « Searches for new light bosons with high-energy astronomy», 6 refereed publications with direct involvment, 5 as corresponding author and 1 publication in preparation, defended June 30th 2014

- 2009-2011: Supervisor of the post-doctoral work of Clementina Medina, on the development and characterization of composite mirrors for CTA, funded by ASPERA, one refereed publication as corresponding author

Organization of scientific events

- Organizer of a MADMAX workshop, Paris and Saclay, 2017 - Member of the scientific organizing committee of the gamma-ray symposium at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS 2016), Athens 2016 - Member of the scientific advisory committee of the "Particle and Nuclei International Conference PANIC 2014", Hamburg Germany 2014, co-convener of the "Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics" session

- Member of the organizing committee of the "Very High Energy Phenomena in the Universe" international conference, Quy Nhon Vietnam 2014, convener and chair of the "Dark Matter" session

- Scientific secretary for the Astroparticle session at the CERN council open symposium on European strategy for particle physics, Krakow 2012

- Organization of the "Rencontres IPhT/SPP", quarterly one-day workshops on specific topics between the Particle Physics Department, and the Theory Division of CEA

- Member of the organizing committee of the ISAPP 2012 summer school, "Multi- messenger approach in high energy astrophysics", Paris 2012

- Organizer of the international workshop "Dark matter all around", Paris 2010

- Member of the local organizing committee of TeVPA 2010 international conference, Paris

- Organizer (chair) of the international workshop "TANGO in PARIS", Paris 2009


- Since 2016: visiting professor at Mohammed VI polytechnic university (Ben Guerir, Morocco): General relativity and cosmology at the EMINES school

- Since 2009: teaching assistant at Ecole des Mines de Paris (Mines-Paristech): special relativity, quantum physics, statistical mechanics, nuclear physics, high-energy physics and cosmology

- Since 2013: teaching assistant at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées (ENSTA- Paristech), statistical mechanics

- Since 2010: lecture at the Orsay summer school "Rencontres de l’infiniment grand à l’infiniment petit", Introduction to astroparticle physics

- 2010-2013: lecturer at Universiteé Paris 11, basic physics for adults returning to full-time education

- 2007: lecture a the OHP astroparticle physics summer school, Measurement of cosmic radiation in space


- 2014: consultant for the script and participation to the shooting of a documentary for the Arte channel dedicated to gamma-ray astronomy

- 2007-2012 Outreach contact person for the Irfu Particle Physics Department 

- 2007-2010 ASPERA-outreach contact person for CEA

- Member of the editorial board and co-author of the book "Passeport pour les deux infinis" (ed. Dunod)

- Seminars in high schools (about 5/year) and seminars for the general public (about 3/year), examples: "Elementary particles", "The missing mass of the universe", "Modern astronomy", "CTA and the future of gamma-ray astronomy", "The dark matter problem", "Do antimatter worlds exist?"