Access to machines for the DIM-ACAV and ANAIS projects
This access is strictly reserved to researchers whose laboratory is part of the DIM-ACAV+ project

For acces to ALFVEN and ANAIS, please send a mail to Allan Sacha Brun (allan-sacha.brun-at-cea.fr) and/or Patrick Hennebelle (patrick.hennebelle-at-cea.fr)for agreement in principle; they will send you back a form to complete for acceptation and account opening

Computing at Saclay

COAST team has his own computers at Saclay; there are dedicated computers, smaller size than those available in major centers of national and European calculation.
Their role is to develop, test and validate computer codes, but they also help to set up a first exploratory phase often research projects.
Also, it is necessary to have machines for the post-processing and visualization, which must be powerful, for example, load the data in memory.

cluster for calculation : 2400 cores (60*192 Go RAM)
cluster for visualization: 2 machines ( 2*1To RAM, 2*64 cores, 2* QuadroM6000 )

Computing outside Saclay

Due to the complexity and the huge size of the numerical calculations, major COAST simulations are performed on the biggest supercomputers in Europe.
Members of COAST are using 4 supercomputers in France, Germany and Italy: