A presentation of the COAST project


The COAST Project
The CEA/IRFU project COAST or Computational Astrophysics was created in Astrophysics Service (SAp) and to IT services and computer sensors (SEDI) in 2007.
It includes all the modeling teams of Astrophysics Department and aims to develop intensive numerical simulations in astrophysics.
Thanks to the complementarity of its teams, the COAST project will actually complete coverage of astrophysical topics ranging from the formation and evolution of galaxies up to those stars and planets.
The COAST project already has to his credit numerous scientific achievements (many publications), but also algorithmic knowledge dissemination. Multiple codes were in fact developed in COAST. This is for example the case of RAMSES code developed by Romain Teyssier and is now widely used for the study of various astrophysical themes in the world.
The ASH, HERACLES and FARGO codes that allow us to model stellar streams, respectively radiative flows and the protoplanetary accretion disks are other examples of codes developed by the COAST teams. In addition, major efforts have been made by members of SEDI for viewing and disseminating the results to the public. And visualization software was developed and allowed the realization of many films from the simulation results (see gallery on site COAST).
Specifically, films combining 3-D simulations ranging from the formation of galaxies at large scales to stellar magnetism and retracing the major stages of structure formation in the universe were produced and widely disseminated.