Sep 20, 2017
FRESCA2, a Magnet to Test Other Magnets
FRESCA2, a Magnet to Test Other Magnets

Sophia Elizabeth Bennett / Cern

Designed to equip the FRESCA2 testing station at CERN (Facility for the Reception of Superconducting Cables), the niobium-tin dipole magnet of the same name has reached a record 13.3 T magnetic field for a 100 mm aperture. It was designed and developed as part of a collaboration between IRFU and CERN. The objective is a magnetic-field homogeneity 1% over a length of 540 mm. 


Fully in line with the R&D program for the Future Circular Collider (FCC), the FRESCA2 magnet will provide a background field for testing cables and niobium-tin electromagnets (Nb3Sn) as well as high-temperature superconductors at CERN.

A new world record was established in August at CERN, with a stored energy of 3 MJ/m and mechanical forces not previously reached in this type of magnet. It reached the field intensity of 13.3 T at 10.85 kA and at 1.9 K. This value corresponds to 71 % of the maximum attainable value. At 13 T, the magnet operated in a stable manner for 4 hours.

The design of the magnet and specialized tools for its manufacture is a fine example of cooperation between European partners. After their winding at IRFU in Saclay, the coils underwent the thermal treatment required to form the superconductor at CERN, and, at the same location, were impregnated with resin and assembled. CEA has already manufactured six coils and a seventh backup coil remains to be made.

Contact : Françoise Rondeaux

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