ThermAutonome Station: Cryogenic loop coupled with a cryocooler


Characterization of single phase and two-phase flows (by measurements of pressure drop and wall temperature) along a vertical test section (h = 30 cm), in the ranges of temperature and pressure: 3 K   T 30 K, P 3 bars.



Technical means

  • Circulation loop with recondensation by means of a cryogenerator (cryogenerator power of 1.5 W at T = 4.2 K, dissipative power in the loop of 4 W at T = 10 K),
  • Automated measurement / acquisition sequences.

Achievements, related projects

  • Implementation of different types of flows in the framework of R&D projects,
  • Study of the WAVE magnet cooling system.

Technical steps, expertise

Automated data acquisition.



#3448 - Last update : 05/31 2018


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