DIagnostics, Vacuum and Assembly (DIVA)
DIagnostics, Vacuum and Assembly (DIVA)

Outgassing test stand


DIVA is a laboratory created in 2014 within the Synergium-Intensity project financed by the Ile-de-France region.

The laboratory is a clean air-conditioned zone where several working areas are available for mechanical assembly, vacuum leak tests, pumping speed measurement or hydraulic tests for various parts of accelerators, ion sources or beam diagnostics.





Technical means

  • Outgassing test stand,
  • Oven operating under vacuum, Tmax = 1200 °C,
  • Vacuum chambers,
  • Three marble workbenches,
  • Numerical recording (30 channels),
  • Residual gas analyzer (100 amu).
DIagnostics, Vacuum and Assembly (DIVA)

Vacuum chamber

DIagnostics, Vacuum and Assembly (DIVA)

Vacuum oven


Achievements, related projects

  • Oven temperature homogeneity of 3°C in a 200 x 200 x 200 mm3 volume,
  • Outgassing measurements for several projects.


Technical steps, expertise

  • Characterisation of material and cleaning procedures,
  • Thermal treatments, 
  • Vacuum leak tests,
  • Mechanical assembly,
  • Vacuum expertise.




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