Cryomodule assembly platform
Cryomodule assembly platform

Rolling of the cavity train out of the clean room


1650 m2 cryomodule assembly halls with 3 cranes (m ≤ 20 t).



Technical means

Large halls dedicated to cryomodule assembly including :

  • Clean room exit area (A = 16x7.5 m2, ceiling height h = 12 m),
  • Alignment area (A = 17.5x16 m2, ceiling height h = 12 m),
  • Cantilever area (A = 40x11 m2),
  • Shipment area (A = 30x17 m2),
  • Warehouse (A = 25x12 m2, on two levels).


Additional facilities :

  • Gas distribution network (air, He, Ar),
  • 1 electric forklift truck capable of handling loads of mass m  20 T.


One could set up different workstations on this platform.

Cryomodule assembly platform

Transfer of the cryomodule to the cantilever area

Cryomodule assembly platform

Positioning on the cantilever





Achievements, related projects

This cryomodule assembly platform was built on the premises of the former Saturne Synchrotron to host the XFEL project from 2008, and was then used in the framework of this project for the assembly of 103 cryomodules (from the clean room exit to the cryomodule shipment).



Technical steps, expertise

  • Rolling of the cavity train from the clean room to the assembly hall,
  • Cavity « cryostating »,
  • Alignment of cavities and magnets,
  • Connection to the cryogenic distribution system,
  • Thermalisation of the cold mass,
  • Insertion of the cold mass into the vaccum vessel,
  • Alignment of the cold mass,
  • Assembly of power couplers,
  • Cryomodule shipping,
  • Microwave controls,
  • Electrical checks,
  • Pumping and leakage tests,
  • TIG welding.
Cryomodule assembly platform

Assembly of couplers under ISO5 laminar flow


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