Ion Source Test Bench (BETSI)
Ion Source Test Bench (BETSI)

BETSI test bench


Injector of light ion beam for ion source characterization, test of diagnostics and beam delivery for experiments.


The test bench is equipped with an ECR ion source connected to an accelerating column mounted on a compact high voltage platform biased up to 100 kV. A dedicated extraction system allows the production of mono-charged light ion beams (typically Hydrogen ions with 80% H+, 15% H2+ and 5% H3+). The beam is then transported through a dual solenoid beam line in which several ports are available for beam diagnostics or experiment set-ups. The configuration of the beam line could be easily modified for specific experiment.



Technical means

  • Extracted beam intensity: I ≤ 100 mA, CW or pulsed mode,
  • Accelerating voltage from few kV ≤ V ≤ 100 kV,
  • Allison scanner for beam emittance measurement,
  • Faraday cup for beam intensity measurement,
  • Beam composition characterization by Doppler shift effect (and with a Wien filter in the future),
  • Four grid analyzer for space charge compensation measurement.

Achievements, related projects

  • R&D on ECR ion sources:

       - ALISES development,

       - SPIRAL2 H+/D+ ion source characterization,

       - Test of PANTECHNIK ion sources SILHI2 type,

  • Test of ESS Chopper from Catania,
  • Bombardment of beam dump fingers for S3 project,
  • Irradiation of scintillators for material characterization of 4D emittance meter diagnostic,
  • Ionization Profile Monitor (IPM) test for IFMIF project.


Technical steps, expertise

  • Preliminary discussion on experimental setup and advices to  users for experiment implementation,
  • Installation of experiments including cooling, high voltage, current and vacuum connections,
  • Alignment of equipment,
  • High voltage safety expertise,
  • Tuning of measurement and security chains,
  • Adjustment of beam current and beam energy,
  • Control of beam size and divergence for beam power density adjustment with control of temperature.


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