JT-60SA Station


Trials on current intensity, insulation voltage, mechanical stress, pressure drop and temperature for large magnets (oblong cryostat, l ≤ 10 m, w ≤ 6.5 m, h ≤ 2 m) cooled with supercritical forced helium flow (5 K ≤ T ≤ 7.5 K).







Technical means

  • Power supply I < 26 000 A,
  • Dedicated Magnet Safety System and Magnet Control System,
  • Oblong cryostat (length l = 10 m, width w = 6.5m, hauteur utile h = 2 m),
  • Dedicated refrigerator: 490 W at 4.2 K + 3.6 g/s from 50 K to 300 K,
  • Data acquisition up to 500 Hz for cryogenic sensors and up to 50 kHz for voltage measurements.  

Additional facility:

The station is located under a crane (m ≤ 32 t).


Achievements, related projects

Test of the toroidal coils of the Japanese Tokamak-60SA.



Technical steps, expertise

  • Positioning of the magnet in the cryostat, fluid, energy, diagnostic adjustment and junction,
  • Adjustment and tuning of measurement and security chains,
  • Check of the magnet behavior at high temperature and / or under vacuum,
  • Conditioning of the refrigerator and the high intensity electric supply,
  • Cooling of the magnet with monitoring of the parameters,
  • Check of the system insulation at low temperature,
  • Tests of partial operation before the rise of the nominal current,
  • Rise of the nominal current,
  • Check of the “quench” behavior (according to the specifications),
  • Search for the maximal current or maximal operating temperature (according to the specifications),
  • Warming up,
  • Check of the magnet at high temperature and / or under vacuum.



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