DACM - the missions

The expertise of the Department has also been deployed in support of work in associated fields including energy (materials studies for thermonuclear fusion as part of the IFMIF project, qualification of the coils of the Japanese JT-60SA Tokamak), life sciences (the ISEULT ultra high field magnetic resonance imager for NEUROSPIN) and light sources (SOLEIL and XFEL).

DACM also provides management services for major large scale projects and develops the associated test systems. These projects are carried out within the project structure of the IRFU in close association with other departments of the Institute, both physical and technology, particularly the Department of System Engineering, SIS. Finally the technology transfer to industrial partners constitutes a core component of the work of the Department.

DACM brings together strengths in both the design and construction of large scale systems. The expertise of the division extends to the fields of accelerator theory, ion sources, conventional and superconducting accelerating cavities, superconducting magnets, and the associated cryogenic systems. It is based on a wide range of test systems, from small test stations used to characterize materials to very large scale systems capable of testing entire superconducting coils and cavities. The vitality of DACM is also due in a large part to the contribution of young PhD students and post-doctoral researchers within the R&D teams. This continual influx of new ideas enables the division to explore new technologies for use in designing and constructing the instruments needed to support advances in applied fundamental research.

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