Insulation laboratory


Project technical support for insulation and winding of superconducting magnets.


The insulation laboratory is equipped with several technical means allowing for example to :

  • design small coils,
  • impregnate prototypes or characterization specimens,
  • prepare superconducting cables before characterization via the dissolution of aluminum or copper,
  • process resins and chemicals, perform characterizations at room temperature.


Technical means

  • A winding machine which allows to design coils with different shapes (L ≤ 750 mm, Φ ≤ 400 mm).
  • Characterization means :
    • Precision weighing scales (mmax = 220 g à 0,1 mg).
    • Binocular (magnification x40).
    • KRÜSS liquid-solid tensiometer (measurements of liquid density, solid – liquid contact angle, surface tension of solid material, perimeter of solid material with complex shape).
    • SETARAM differential calorimeter (measurement of heat capacity, determination of phase transition, polymerisation exothermicity, melting point ..., Tmax = 550°C, 50 mg ≤ m ≤ 100 mg).
    • Rhéowin Rotovisco1 rheometer (viscosity and rheology measurements at variable temperature).
    • Pycnometer (determination of the volume of a solid body by gas expansion).
  • A chemistry laboratory equipped with fume hoods.
  • Ovens and furnaces of different sizes (130 l at 200°C under vacuum, 749 l at 300°C, small volumes in controlled atmosphere up to 1100°C, 130 l à 800°C).
  • A room equipped with devices certified for use in explosive Atmosphere (Atex) area.

Achievements, related projects

  • R&D on the electrical insulation of the CMS solenoid and ATLAS toroid, and then electrical insulation qualification during the manufacturing of magnets,
  • Project support for R&D on MgB2 or HTS magnets (NOUGAT),
  • Collaboration with the Léon Brillouin laboratory.

Technical steps, expertise

  • Winding,
  • Impregnation under vacuum,
  • Preparation of samples by chemical pickling,
  • Sample characterization,
  • Processing of the resin.


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