CTA's integration and tests platform

DEDIP has room and laboratories covering a total of 2700 m2, allowing for the construction and characterisation of large equipment items. Since 2014, it has been undergoing an upgrade programme, notably with the CTA integration and characterisation platform which mainly comprises:

  • An optical bench for the characterisation of mirrors, able to measure their reflectivity and their PSF.
  • A 65 m2 dark room, defined for the development, characterisation and acceptance testing of complete NECTARCAM cameras. This room, which will be air-conditioned by 2019, is adjacent to a control room and an integration hall and laboratory, constituting a complex in which 3 cameras can be simultaneously built and tested.


Left: Test of first “cluster” of NECTARCAM modules in the dark room. Right: Test of CTA mirrors on the optical bench.

#4458 - Last update : 06/19 2018


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