Particle physics at colliders
Particle physics at colliders

Collision events recorded by Atlas (left) and CMS (right), showing the characteristics of a product Higgs in 13 TeV proton-proton collisions (Image: left - Atlas/CERN, right - Tom McCauley/CMS/CERN)

The DPhP Atlas and CMS groups actively contributed to the first accurate measurements of the Higgs boson properties in the decay channel in two Z bosons, for the Atlas group, and two photons for the CMS group.

The tests of the standard particle physics model with precision measurements on the W mass  for example, and the direct search for new physics are the two approaches to find the new physics in the data collected from particle colliders.

With the increase in luminosity and energy, research is also focused on studies of rare events such as the search for the Higgs production associated with a pair of top quarks (ttH).

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