Experimental technics
Experimental technics

Schéma du détecteur BABAR.

Investigation means

High luminosity asymmetric electron-positron collider (9 GeV electron beam and 3.1 GeV positron beam).

BABAR high energy physics detector.

Computing: data reconstruction, simulation, data analysis. 


Technical description

The BABAR detector is composed of five sub-detectors:
- silicium vertex detector;
- drift chamber to detect charged particules;
- Cerenkov detector for particle identification;
- electromagnetic calorimeter to measure neutral particules;
- external muon detector.
Il comprend également un solénoide supramagnétique. 


 The study of CP violation in the B meson system is made possible thanks to a collider:

  • of very high luminosity, giving access to very rare decay modes,
  • asymmetric in energy, allowing the separation of the decay vertices of the two B mesons.

The particle identification detector (DIRC) is a new type of Cerenkov detector using the Cerenkov light which is reflected inside the radiator.



BABAR computing is distributed among several computing centers including the IN2P3 and Dapnia computing center of Lyon.

Experimental technics

Rack with 20 To disks used to host BABAR data at the Lyon computing center.

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