MST mirrors for intermediate telescopes
MST mirrors for intermediate telescopes

View of the mirror from the measuring station

The objective of the Mirrors project is to fully equip the MST1N telescope at the North site with mirrors whose manufacturing process was developed at CEA Paris-Saclay (IRFU) from 2008 to 2011. It was the PME Kerdry that won this contract through an open call for tenders. The construction of 100 mirrors for MST1N is planned in subsets of 10 units, spread over 24 weeks, if there are no hazards. The required performances were defined in 2017 by the CTA project and their validation is done by factory measurements at Kerdry, and during the final acceptance characterizations at Saclay.

In the next stage of production, after final validation of the specifications by the CTA Consortium, Kerdry occupies a prime position to be the supplier of all the telescope mirrors for the North site.





Point source (2 mm LED) and its image in the 32.2m remote measuring room
(bending radius of thhe mirror)
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