Formation and evolution of structures in the universe

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Visualization is a big challenge for COAST...

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A description of the database CoastDB will be soon on line

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COAST is a IRFU project of high performances computing in astrophysics. COAST promotes high performances computing in astrophysics at CEA/ IRFU. Our activities include code development, applied mathematics, data visualisation, distributed databases, code optimization and parallel computing.
The project is a joint initiative of the Laboratory for Astrophysical Plasma Modelisation (LMPA, IRFU/SAp) and the Laboratory for Applied Computer Science (LILAS, IRFU/SEDI), involving also the Laboratory of Dynamics of Stars and their Environment (LDEE, IRFU/SAp) and the Laboratory for Cosmologie and Galaxies Evolution (LCEG, IRFU/SAp).
The "Maison de la Simulation" is also associated with the project. COAST and its members are located at CEA Saclay,France.
Romain Teyssier, former P.I. of the project and the COAST team received the "Grand Prix Scientifique Cino and Simone Del Duca 2011" for the COAST work.

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The next COAST meeting will be held this week, on friday 24 June, at 11h00 in the Galilée room.

The program of the seminar is as follows:
- Speaker: Ashwin Chinnayya (Institut P', Univ. Poitiers)
- Title: "Propagation d'une détonation faiblement confinée"

This will end our COAST meeting series for this academic year (i.e there will be no COAST meeting in July & August).
Due to the large number of COAST PhD defenses this year, there will be NO COAST meeting in September.
The next COAST meeting will be held in October.

Le prix Jeune Chercheur 2016 de la SF2A décerné à Frédéric Bournaud

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