Title Education level Speciality Deadline Duration Unit
Detectors for time-of-flight PET imaging with high spatial resolution Bac+5


You will calibrate and use the instrument for the measurement of the scintillating crystal properties and analyze the measured data. This will involve many aspects of the work of an instrument scientist : fast photo-detection, fast electronics read-out (analog and digital) with picosecond precision, hardware and detector simulations with GEANT4 and GATE software.

01/01/2020 5 mois DPhP
Studying inflation with galaxies and quasars in DESI Bac+5


- Machine learning - Correlation function - Power spectrum - Bispectrum

02/04/2020 3 mois DPhP
Study of the spectro-temporal variability of the PKS 2155-304 active galactic nucleus Bac+5


Data analysis, statistical tools

08/05/2020 3 mois DPhP
The NUCLEUS experiment: toward a precision measurement of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering at reactors Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

Object oriented C++ programming Monte Carlo simulation with Geant 4 Data analysis with ROOT

01/07/2020 6 mois DPhP
Reactor antineutrino spectrum modeling Bac+4/5

Physique nucléaire

Object oriented programming, high performance numerical computation

31/12/2019 6 mois DPhP
Search for high-energy emission of Fast Radio Bursts with H.E.S.S. Bac+5


01/06/2020 3 mois DPhP


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