Title Education level Speciality Deadline Duration Unit
The NUCLEUS experiment: toward a precision measurement of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering at reactors Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

Object oriented C++ programming Monte Carlo simulation with Geant 4 Data analysis with ROOT

01/07/2020 6 mois DPhP
Search for high-energy emission of Fast Radio Bursts with H.E.S.S. Bac+5


01/06/2020 3 mois DPhP
Studying inflation with galaxies and quasars in DESI Bac+5


- Machine learning - Correlation function - Power spectrum - Bispectrum

02/04/2020 3 mois DPhP
Study of the spectro-temporal variability of the PKS 2155-304 active galactic nucleus Bac+5


Data analysis, statistical tools

08/05/2020 3 mois DPhP


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