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Spiral-Alfvén modes in magnetized accretion disks.
Tagger M. et al.
Talk given at Disks and outflows around young stars, Heidelberg, septembre 1994.
Les rayons cosmiques.
Bonnet-Bidaud J.M.
Published in Ciel et espace, 1994.
L&\#146;univers électromagnétique.
Bonnet-Bidaud J.M.
Rapport Interne
Quasars, décalage vers le rouge et controverses.
Bonnet-Bidaud J.M.
Published in Science et vie (Hors Série) (décembre 1994).
Ambipolar filamentation of turbulent magnetic fields.
Tagger M. et al.
Published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.299, p.940 (07/95)
X-rays and low-mass star formation.
Montmerle T., Casanova S. Revista mexicana de astronomia y astrofisica., Conf. Series 1 (1995) 329.
Talk given at Circumstellar disks, outflows, and star formation, IA-UNAM meeting, Cozumel, 28/11/94 au 2/12/94.
The screened nuclear reaction rates and the solar neutrino puzzle.
Dzitko H., Turck-Chieze S.
Published in Astrophys. J. 447 (1995) 428.
The diffuse galactic continuum emission detected by SIGMA below 1 Mev.
Claret A., Lebrun F., Paul J. Published in Advance in Space Research 15 (1995) 57.
Talk given at COSPAR 94, Hambourg, 14-21/07/94.
DAPNIA/DAp/95-09 [ Résumé ]
A wind in the intermediate polar candidate 1H0551-819 ?
Mouchet M., Siess L., Drew J., Lasota J.P., Buckley D.A.H, Bonnet-Bidaud J.M.
Published in Astronomy and Astrophysics 306, p. 212-218
A search for molecular clouds near black hole candidates.
Durouchoux P. et al.
Submitted to in Astron. Astrophys. Lett.
Ion-electron two-stream instability in EBIS ion sources.
Jacquet L., Tagger M.
Submitted to Nucl. inst. meth.
Les premières étoiles.
Bonnet-Bidaud J.M.
Published in Ciel et espace (Hors Série : "Etoiles") (1995).
The early evolution of low-mass stars, the X-ray/IR connection.
Montmerle T., Casanova S. Published in Mem. Soc. Astr. It.
Talk given at Euroconference on Near-IR sky surveys IAS, (Frascati), San Miniato, (Pise), 9-12/01/95.
Transport turbulent.
Dubrulle B.
Talk given at Processus de transport en structure interne, Aussois, 16-21/10/94.
VISIR : a mind infrared imager and spectrometer for the VLT.
Rio Y. et al., (Lagage P.O., Dubreuil D., Tourette T., Dhenain G., Galdemard P.).
Talk given at Aerosense, SPIE, Orlando, 17-21/04/95.
Cosmic cristallography.
Lehoucq R. et al., (Lachieze-Rey M.).
Published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.313, p.339-346 (09/96)
Radio monitoring of GRS 1915 + 105.
Rodriguez L.F. et al., (Gerard E., Mirabel I.F.)
Published in Astrophys. J. (proc. suppl. series) 101 (1995) 173.
GRS 1915 + 105 : A superluminal source in the galaxy.
Rodriguez L.F., Mirabel I.F.
Talk given at National Academy of science, San Diego, 23-25/03/95.
ISGRI : a CdtE layer for the integral imager.
Lebrun F., Leray J.P., Laurent P., Cordier B., Mandrou P.
Talk given at Imaging in high energy astronomy, ITESRE, Anacapri, 26-30/09/94.
Superluminal motions in our galaxy.
Mirabel I.F., Rodriguez L.F. Published in Annals of the New York Academy science.
Talk given at Relativistic Astrophysics, 17th Texas Symposium, Munich, 11-17/12/94.
Soft gamma-ray bursts from the superluminal source GRS 1945 + 105 ?
Mirabel I.F., Rodriguez L.F.
Talk given at Towards the source of gamma-ray bursts, ESTEC, 29th ESLAB symposium, Noordwijk, 25-27/04/95.
Effects of corotating interaction regions on Ulysses high energy particles.
Raviart A., Ducros R., Ferrando P., Rastoin C.
Rapport Interne
High energy cosmic ray results from the Ulysses Ascent to the solar south pole.
Raviart A., Ducros R., Ferrando P., Rastoin C.
Rapport Interne
Connaissons-nous l’intérieur du soleil ?.
Turck-Chieze S., Dzitko H.
Rapport Interne
Looking for the FIP effect in EUV spectra : how compelling is the solar case ?
Meyer J.P. et al.
Rapport Interne
Cosmic ray and solar particle investigations in the south polar regions of the sun and heliosphere.
Ferrando P., Rastoin C., Raviart A.
Rapport Interne
Voyager measurements of the isotopic composition of Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn and Fe nuclei.
Ferrando P. et al.
Rapport Interne
Voyager measurements of the isotopic composition of Fe, Co, and Ni nuclei. Implications for nucleosynthesis and the acceleration of cosmic rays.
Ferrando P. et al.
Rapport Interne
Nucleon modulation from the Ulysses rapid latitude scan : COSPIN/KET results.
Raviart A. et al., (Ducros R., Ferrando P., Rastoin C.).
Rapport Interne
Evolution of the Electron/proton ratios between 1 and 7GV measured at Ulysses, as a function of time and latitude.
Ferrando P. et al., (Rastoin C., Raviart A., Ducros R.).
Rapport Interne
Latitudinal effects of galactic cosmic rays observed on board the Ulysses spacecraft.
Raviart A. et al., (Ducros R., Ferrando P., Rastoin C.).
Rapport Interne
A search for arciminute scale radio jets in Cyg X-1.
Marti J. et al., (Rodriguez L.F., Mirabel I.F.).
Published in Astron. Atrophys. 306 (1996) 449.
Tests of ISOCAM integrated in the ISO satellite : ISOCAM first images through the ISO telescope.
Boulade O. et al., (Cesarsky C., Cretolle J., Vigroux L.,Cesarsky D.)
Talk given at Infrared detectors and instrumentation for astronomy, SPIE Conf., Orlando, 17-21/04/1995.
ESOP, a new Fabry-Perot spectrophotometer observations of the Iron coronal lines in Puppis A.
Dubreuil D. et al., (Blondel C., Dhenain G., Mulet P., Sauvageot J.L.)
Rapport Interne
La constante cosmologique.
Bonnet-Bidaud J.M.
Rapport Interne
Collision of Schoemaker-Levy 9 fragments A, E, H, L, Q1 with Jupiter : mid infrared light curves.
Lagage P.O. et al., (Galdemard P., Pantin E., Jouan R., Masse P., Sauvage M.)
Rapport Interne
Infrared and millimeter observations of the galactic superluminal source GRS 1915 + 105.
Chaty S. et al., (Mirabel I.F., Duc P.A.)
Published in Astron. Astrophys. 310 (1996) 825.
Relativistic outflows in the galaxy.
Mirabel I.F. et al.
Rapport Interne
Relativistic jets in stellar X-ray sources.
Mirabel I.F. et al.
Rapport Interne
Relativistic ejections from hard X-ray binaries.
Mirabel I.F. et al.
Rapport Interne
Multiwavelength analysis of active galaxies : implications on unified Seyfert models.
Mirabel I.F. et al.
Published in Astron. Astrophys. 298 (1995) 22.
Interstellar extinction from infrared to X-rays : an overview.
Ryter C.
Published in Astrophys. Space Sc. 236 (1996) 285.
Wind inhomogeneities in wolf-rayet stars I. Search for scaling laws using wavelet transforms.
Henriksen R.
Rapport Interne
A large scale dust shell observed at 10 microns around V921 Sco.
Lagage P.O. et al., (Montmerle T.).
Published in The role of dust in the formation of stars, Garching, (1996) 39, Eds. R. Kaufl - R. Siebenmogen (Springer).
Far infrared emission in galaxies. Origin and interpretation.
Turck-Chieze S. et al.
Rapport Interne
Le soleil : véritable laboratoire de physique.
Turck-Chieze S. et al.
Rapport Interne
The surface diagnostic of global oscillations for solar-like stars.
Turck-Chieze S. et al.
Rapport Interne
Global oscillations at low frequency from the Soho mission (Golf).
Turck-Chieze S. et al.
Rapport Interne
Impact seismology : first analysis of the primary pressure waves following impacts A and H.
Mosser B. et al., (Galdemard P., Lagage P.O., Pantin E., Sauvage M.)
Published in Icarus 121 (1996) 331.
Radio emission as a probe of large-scale magnetic structures around young stellar objects.
Andre P.
Published in A.S.P., Conf. Series 93 (1996) 273.
The magnetic field structure around protostars.
Andre P. et al.
Published in Submillimetre polarimetry of VLA 1623 and S106IR/FIR.
Looking for the FIP effects in EUV spectra : examining the solar case.
Haish B., Saba J.L.R., Meyer J.P.
Published in Astrophysics in the extreme ultraviolet, IAU colloquium n°152 (1996) 518, S. Bowyer - R.F. Malina Eds., (Kluwer).
Imaging techniques applied to the coded mask Sigma telescope.
Goldwurm A. Published in Exp. Astron. 6 (1995) 9.
Talk given at Imaging in high energy astronomy, Anacapri, 1994, L.Bassani G. Di Cocco Eds., (Kluwer).
X-ray analysis and a matter distribution on the lens-clusters Abell 2390.
Pierre M.
Rapport Interne
The gamma ray sky as seen by the Sigma telescope. Multifrequency behaviour of high energy cosmic sources.
Goldwurm A.
Published in Vulcano (1995) 121.
Sigma hard x-ray observations of the galactic bulge source SLX 1735.
Goldwurm A. et al., (Vargas M., Paul J.).
Published in Astron. Astrophys. 310 (1996) 857


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