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DAPNIA/DPHP/95-01 [ Résumé ]
Direct vs. indirect detection of WIMPS.
Rich. J., Tao. C.
Presented at Snowmass 94 - Particle and Nuclear Astrophysics and Cosmology in the next Millenium, Snowmass (USA), 29/06-19/07/94
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-02 [ Résumé ]
Search for very low-mass objects in the Galactic Halo
Aubourg E., Bareyre P., Brehin S., Gros M., de Ka. M., Lachieze-Rey M., Laurent B, Lesquoy E, Magneville C, Milsztajn A., Moscoso L., Queinnec F., Renault J., Rich J., Spiro M., Vigroux L., Zylberajch S., Ansar R., Cavalier F., Moniez M., Beaulieu J. P., Ferlet R., Grison Ph., Vidal-Madjar A., Guibert J., Moreau O., Tajahmady F., Maurice E., Prevot L., Gry C .
Submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-03 []
Radiochemical measurement of fast neutrons using a Ca(NO3)2 aqueous solution.
Cribier M., Pichard B., Soirat J. P., Stolarczyk Th J. Tao C., Vignaud D.
Submitted to Nucl. Instr. and Meth. in Physics Research A
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-04 []
The neutron induced background in GALLEX.
Cribier M., Pichard B., Soirat J. P., Stolarczyk Th. J., Tao C., Vignaud D.
Submitted to Astroparticle Physics
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-05 []
Cosmological information from wimp experiments.
Rich J.
Rapport Interne
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-06 [ Résumé ]
The solar neutrino problem after the GALLEX artifical neutrino source experiment.
Vignaud D.
Rapport Interne
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-07 []
GALLEX Collaboration :
Anselmann P., Hampel W., Heusser G., Kiko J., Kirstein T., Laubenstein M., Pernicka E., Pezzoni S., Rönn U., Sann P., Schlosser C., Wink R., Wojcik M., Ammon R. , Ebert K. H., Fritch T., Heidt D., Henrich E., Stieglitz L., Weirich F., Balata M., Lalla H., Belloti E., Cattadori O., Ferrari N., Fiorini E., Zanotti L., Altmann M., Feilitzsch F., Mössbauer R., Schanda U., Berthomieu G., Schatzman E., Carmi I., Dostrevsky I., Bacci C., Belli P., Bernabei R., d'Angelo S., Paoluzi L.
Submitted to Physics Letters B
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-08 []
A dual resonance model for High Energy electroweak reactions.
Cohen-Tannoudji G., Picard J. F.
Submitted to Zeitschrift für Physik C.
Recherches expérimentales de la violation des symétries CP et CPT dans le système des kaons neutres.
Debu P., Peyaud B.
Cours donné à l'Ecole d'été de Physique des Particules (Ecole de Gif-surYvette)LAPP, Annecy-Le-Vieux, 26-30/09/94
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-10 []
Oscillations B0 - B0 barre dépendantes du temps au LEP.
Emery S.
Compte-rendu de Moriond QCD, Les Arcs (France), 19-26/03/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-11 [ Résumé ]
Low noise voltage and charge preamplifiers for phonon and ionisation detectors at very low temperature.
Yvon D.
Submitted to Nuc. Instr. and Meth. A.
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-12 [ Résumé ]
Recent developments in dark matter searches.
Zylberajch S.
Talk given at the XV International Conference on Physics in Colision. Cracow. Poland. 8-10 Jun 1995.
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-13 [ Résumé ]
Beauty Spectroscopy.
Jarry P.
Talk given at the XV International Conference on Physics in Colision, Cracow (Poland), 8-10/06/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-14 [ Résumé ]
Monte Carlo Simulations of Macho Parallaxes from a Satellite.
Boutreux Th.
Submitted to The Astrophysical Journal.
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-15 [ Résumé ]
Deep-Inelastic Onium Scattering.
Navelet H., Peschansky R., Royon Ch.
Submitted to Physics Letters B.
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-16 [ Résumé ]
Diffractive Interactions.
Jung H.
Talk given at the workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering and QCD, Paris (France), 24-28/04/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-17 []
CPLEAR Collaboration.
Yeche Ch., et al.
Talk given at the 6th International Symposium on Heavy Flavour Physics, Pisa (Italy), 06-10/06/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-18 []
BABAR: A new detector for studyng CP violation in the B system.
Aleksan R,
Presented at the Second Workshop for physics and Detectors for DAFNE, Frascati (Italy), 04-07/04/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-19 []
Evidence for signal enhancement due to ballistic phonon conversion in NbSi thin films bolometers.
Yvon D., et al.
Submitted to Nucl. Instr. Meth. A
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-20 []
The EDELWEISS experiment: A status report.
Yvon. D, et al. (EDELWEISS Collaboration)
XXXth Rencontres de Moriond - XVth Moriond Astrophysics Meeting - "Clustering in the Universe", Les Arcs (France), 11-18/03/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-21 []
W mass measurement at LEP2.
Perez P.,
Presented at the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, Brussels (Belgium), 27/07 - 02/08/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-22 []
Revew of BS(0) - o(B,Sup8(_))0 oscillation measurements.
Lemaire M. C. (ALEPH Collaboration)
Proceedings of the Conference: Production and Decay of Hyperons - Charm and Beauty Hadrons, Strabourg (France), 05-08/09/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-23 []
New results from the H1 and ZEUS experiments on deep inelastic scattering and diffraction.
Royon Ch.,
Invited talk given at the Workshop Diffraction-95, Novy Svet (Ukraine), 06-11/09/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-24 []
Low temperature detectors: summary and perspectives.
Chardin G.,
Summary Talk of the Sixth International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors, Interlaken (Switzerland), 28/08-01/09/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-25 []
Review on nucleon structure functions.
Feltesse J.,
Invited Talk given at the XXV International Symposium on multiparticle Dynamics, Stara Lesna (Slovaquie), 11-17/09/95
DAPNIA/DPHP/95-26 []
Splar and supernovae neutrinos.
Vignaud D.,
Lectures given at the Fourth School Non-Accelerator Particle Astrophysics, Trieste (Italy), 17-28/07/95


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