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Subsidiary source of heavy quarks at LEP : gluon splitting and onia.
P. Colas
Talk given at the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics (HEP97), Jerusalem (Israêl), 19-26 August 1997.
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-02 [ Résumé ]
Status of CP Violation in K decays and related topics
P. Debu
Talk given at the 8th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow (Russia), 25-29/08/97
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-03 [ Résumé ]
Low noise cryogenic electronics : preamplifier configuration with feedback on the bolometer
D. Yvon, V. Sushkov
Published in IEEE Trans. Nucl. SCI, 47 (2), p 428-437 Part 2 (04/2000)
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-04 [ Résumé ]
Status of Edelweiss Experiment
L. Berge, I. Berkes, B. Chambon, M. Chapellier, G. Chardin, P. Charvin, M. De Jesus, P. Di Stefano, D. Drain, L. Dumoulin, C. Goldbach, A. juillard, D. L'Hote, S. Marnieros, L. Miramonti, P. Pari, C. Pastor, S. Pecourt, R. Tourbot, D. Yvon
Talk Given at TAUP97, Gran Sasso (Italy), 7-11/09/97
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-05 [ Résumé ]
New tools to dimension hybrid reactors in view of transmutation
F. Lelievre
Submitted to Nuclear Science and Engineering.
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-06 [ Résumé ]
The capability to detect WIMPs with a high energy neutrino telescope
F. Blondeau (ANTARES Coll.)
Talk given at Dark Matter '98, Marina del Rey - Los Angeles (USA), 18-20/02/98
Verification tests of the GALLEX solar neutrino detector, with 71Ge produced in-situ from the beta-decay of 71As.
W. Hampel et al (M. Cribier, J. Rich, M. Spiro,C. Tao, D. Vignaud) GALLEX Collaboration.
Published in Physics Letters B436 (1998) 158
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-08 [ Résumé ]
INCA Experimental activity and code developments
T. Bolognese
Invited Talk at the international workshop : "Physics of accelerator driven systems for nuclear transmutation and clean energy production", Trento (Italy), 30/09-04/10/97
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-09 [ Résumé ]
Diffractive di-jet at HERA
J. Zsembery
Talk given at LISHEP98, Rio de Janeiro (Bresil), 16-20/02/98
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-10 [ Résumé ]
Search for Charginos mass-degenerate with LSP in the DELPHI detector from 130 to 183 GeV.
Ph. Gris
Talk given at `98 Electroweak Interactions & Unified Theories, Moriond (France), 14-21/03/98
Pulse shape discrimination with NaI(TI) and results from a wimp search at the "Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane"
G. Gerbier, J. Mallet, L. Mosca, C. Tao et al.,
Published in Nucl. Phys. B-Proc. Suppl. 87, p 61-63 (06/2000)
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-12 [ Résumé ]
Gravitational lensing by rotating stars
J.F. Glicenstein
Submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-13 [ Résumé ]
DIS and diffractive structure functions in the QCD dipole model
C. Royon
Talk given at the LISHEP98 workshop, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 16-20/02/8
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-14 [ Résumé ]
Unified picture of DIS and diffractive DIS
C. Royon
Talk given at DIS98 workshop, Brussels (Belgium), 4-8/04/98
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-15 [ Résumé ]
Hard diffraction at HERA in the dipole model of BFKL dynamics
S. Munier, R. Peschanski, Ch. Royon
Submitted to Nucl. Phys. B
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-16 [ Résumé ]
The DIRC, the Particle Identification Detector of BABAR
Ch. Yeche (pour le groupe DIRC de la Collaboration BaBar)
Talk given at the Third International Conference: Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons, , Genoa (Italy), 30/06-03/07/98
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-17 [ Résumé ]
Neutrino telescopes under the ocean: The case for ANTARES
L. Moscoso
Talk given at Neutrino98, Takayama (Japon), 4-9/06/98
A parametrisation of the inclusive diffractive cross section at HERA
J. Bartels, Ch. Royon
Submitted to Physics Letters B
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-20 [ Résumé ]
Final Results of the GALLEX Solar Neutrino Experiment
Talk given at the XXIX ICHEP (ICHEP98), Vancouver (Canada), 23-29/07/98
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-21 [ Résumé ]
An elegant and fast method to solve QCD evolution equations
H1 Collaboration L.Schoeffel
Submitted to NIM A
DAPNIA/DPHP/98-22 [ Résumé ]
Simulation and Measurement of the Fringe Field of the 1.5 Tesla BaBar Solenoid
E. Antokhin, A. Buzykaev, A. Chupyra, D. Fedorov, S. Ganzhur, G. Kolachev, A. Litvinov, A. Medvedko, V. Mikerov, S.Mikhailov, A. Onuchin, Sh. Singatulin (Novosibirsk, IYF) R. Aleksan, Ph. Bourgeois, L. Gosset, P. Graffin, G. London, J.-Ph.Mols, J.-Ch. Toussaint (DAPNIA, Saclay) M. Berndt, R. Coombes, S. Ecklund, D. Jensen, L. Keller, J. Krebs, H. Lynch, Z. Wolf(SLAC)
Submitted to NIM
High Q2 physics at HERA and searches for new particles
T. Matsushita, E. Perez, R. Rückl
Contribution to the 3rd UK Phenomenology Workshop on HERA Physics, Durham (UK), 25-29/09/98


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