Modeling and multi physical simulation

In our areas of research and applications, we design prototypes and we realize state-of-the-art installations for which the modeling, the computation and the numerical simulation are indispensable tools, which facilitate our approach of the physical behaviors from the studies. In the classical aeras of application such as mechanics, thermics, thermo-hydraulics, or magnetism, we rely on and develop for our needs some existing codes such as Cast3m, Ansys, Opera and others. For very specific key areas, such as the protection of superconducting magnets, heat transfer at very low temperatures, the improvement of cooling techniques and developments related to particle beams, we develop our own calculation codes.
Studies on very high intensity linear accelerators require efficient simulations. Since the 2000s, the department has been developing simulation tools to calculate the propagation and degradation of the properties of a beam in an accelerator. This software suite, which is a reference in the high-intensity accelerator community, is distributed under CEA license in more than 50 international laboratories.


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