ISO5 clean room
ISO5 clean room

ISO5 clean room


Assembly of cavities following high pressure rinsing.
Positive pressure clean room partitioned into 2 ISO classes (ISO class 7 and ISO class 5) and adjacent High Pressure Rinsing (HPR) room at ISO class 5.



Technical means

• Total surface area of the clean room: a = 90 m2 (of which a = 52 m2 at ISO class 5 with total laminar flow).


• Length of the ISO5 room: l = 8.45 m.


• Ceiling height:

 - h = 2.85 m for the  ISO5 et ISO7 compartments,
 - h = 3.5 m for the high pressure rinsing room.


• Floor with high load-bearing capacity: 

 - c = 1600 kg/m2 for the ISO5 compartment and the high pressure rinsing room,
 - c = 1300 kg/m2 for the access area to the clean room.


• Available fluids :

 - helium and argon supply network (bottle supply, P = 200 bar filtered),
 - compressed air network (P = 6 bar filtered),
 - ultrapure water.

The ISO7 compartment is used for preparing the pieces before their entrance in ISO5 clean room.  It is possible to perform rinsing with pure water inside the ISO7 compartment.
The clean room is equipped with pumping groups, Final Filter Units and a high pressure (P = 100 bar) rinsing room with ultra-filtered pure water.

• Additional facilities :

 - Air handling unit (f = 33 500 m3/h) with cooling system (P = 179 kW),
 - Pure and ultrapure water treatment plant (resistivity r ≈ 17.6 MΩ,  temperature T ≈ 17 °C),
 - Control area (control of different parameters such as the rotation speed of FFU fans....).




Achievements, related projects

Assembly of cavities in the framework of the IFMIF, ESS and SARAF projects.




Technical steps, expertise

• Cleaning of cavities, rinsing with ultrapure water and drying,
• Assembly of cavities,
• Pumping, vacuum test,
• Assembly of elements surrounding the cavity "cryostating" (insulation, magnetic shielding...) outside the clean room.



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