DACM - the organisation of the division
DACM - the organisation of the division

Xfel cryomodule

DACM is division of the Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (IRFU), of the CEA Physical Sciences Division (DSM). It is located on the Saclay center in the premises of the former National Laboratory Saturne, LNS, and the former Department of Instrumental Techniques of Elementary Particles, the STIPE. These premises have been renovated and gathered in a large platform called "Synergium" which occupies a total floor area of 25,000 m2. DACM which hosts 75 research engineers and 45 technicians has for mission to carry out, with the national and international community, research and development of excellence in the fields of particle accelerators, cryogenic systems and superconducting magnets for use in fundamental research. The Department has played a major role over many years in the construction of the high technology instruments needed for this type of research (LHC, W7-X, SPIRAL2, FAIR, IPHI, ESS).


The workforce of DACM is divided among five laboratories:

  • the Accelerator Design and Development Laboratory (LEDA),
  • the Accelerator and Hyperfrequency Systems Engineering Laboratory (LISAH),
  • the Cavity and Cryomodule Development and Integration Laboratory (LIDC2),
  • the Laboratory for Superconducting Magnet Research (LEAS),
  • the Cryogenics Laboratory and Test Stations (LCSE).

A Scientific and Technical Committee, the CSTS, composed of 14 members and 7 international experts from outside the CEA, meets once a year to evaluate ongoing activities and examine new proposals. The CSTS assists the Head of the DACM in defining research and development strategy within the Department.

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