Searching for Light Dark Matter with a Spherical Proportional Counter
IRFU/DEDIP/DEPHYS and University of Birmingham
Lundi 10/05/2021, 15:00
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The NEWS-G collaboration is searching for Dark Matter (DM) using a novel gaseous detector, the spherical proportional counter. The collaboration is now commissioning a 140 cm-diameter detector, SNOGLOBE, which will be used for direct DM searches in SNOLAB, Canada. Developments in the detector read-out instrumentation, improving energy resolution, allowing the detector to operate stably and at the required pressures, are presented. These developments have been guided by a dedicated simulation framework, which is also used for understanding detector operation. Methods for measuring the quenching factor in relevant gases are also presented, which is of key importance for direct DM searches. The use of electroformed copper to suppress background contributions in SNOGLOBE is also discussed, along with how this may be applied to increase the sensitivity of future NEWS-G experiments.

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Meeting ID: 690 2495 7079

Passcode: 403624




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