Neutrino Physics
Neutrino Physics

Exploded view of a Double Chooz detector

The  physics of neutrinos is studied using different sources such as reactors, accelerators and radioactive sources.

The objectives of these experiments are:

   - to measure all neutrino oscillation parameters by varying their energies and oscillation distance and measure their mass. These measurements could be related to phenomena beyond the standard particle physics model: for example new interactions, or the existence of new particles.

   - to precisely measure the difference in propagation of neutrinos and antineutrinos in order to quantify the violation of charge-parity symmetry (CP) by neutrinos. This could shed light on the origin of the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the Universe.

   - to measure a very rare beta disintegration, called double beta without neutrino (named "ββ0ν"), which would prove that the neutrino could have a different nature from the other particles of matter and be identical to its own antiparticle.


Scheme of the DUNE experiment in the United States (left), cryostat under construction in 2014 of the CUORE experiment in Italy (right) 

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