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Welcome to CEA!

CEA is located about 20km South of Paris, and accessible by public transportation.  

The researchers in our astrophysics department (DAp) cover a broad range of topics (planet and disk formation, formation, evolution, and dynamics of the Sun and stars, high-energy astrophysics, ISM in nearby galaxies, cosmology and galaxy evolution), and your research will certainly have a general appeal. The audience for your seminar would thus reflect these themes. 

Seminar Format:
The total seminar lasts one hour including questions, so roughly 45 mins for the presentation. In an attempt to keep the seminar accessible to all, we kindly ask that you use the first 20 mins or so to give a review of your field at a level accessible to first-year graduate students and researchers from very different fields of astrophysics and instrumentation. On a technical note, there will be a VGA cable for the projection; if you have an adapter for this please bring it along, otherwise, let us know some time before the seminar so we can find one adapted to your computer. 
Directions to reach the DAp can be found here (in English).
At present hotels cannot be booked by CEA in advance but a reimbursement is made after the visit. Here is a selection of convenient hotels with suggested room categories to comply with the reimbursement policy (please check with organizers). 
In Paris: here are a few hotels near Denfert-Rochereau, conveniently located near the RER B line:
  • Hotel du Midi (4 avenue René-Coty - 75014 Paris) -- Suggested categories: Standard, Standard Double
  • Hotel du Lion (1 avenue du Général-Leclerc - 75014 Paris) -- Suggested categories: Single/Double, Single/Double Parisienne
In Orsay (closer to CEA): located near Le Guichet station (RER B), and near a stop for the CEA shuttle bus:
  • Hotel d'Orsay (2 rue François Leroux - 91400 Orsay) -- Suggested categories: Standard Double
In Saint-Aubin (walking distance from CEA): 
  • Les Chevaliers des Balances (Place de la Mairie 91190 Saint-Aubin). In small village, no shops around but a small restaurant in the hotel. -- Suggested categories: Single/Double
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