Diagnostics, vacuum and assembly laboratory (DIVA)

The laboratory is responsible for vacuum measurement, for research into the desorption of materials and the development of ultra-high vacuum techniques (assemblies and tests).

Its equipment includes:

? An ultra-high vacuum oven that can reach temperatures up to 1200 °C at 10-6 Pa, with temperature uniformity at 900°C of ± 3°C.

? A desorption measurement bench for qualifying materials and developing cleaning procedures necessary for ultra-high vacuums.

Vacuum chambers (~10-5 Pa) for testing specific components.


In 2015, the ultra-high vacuum oven was brought back into service following the upgrade of its molybdenum screening system, thermometer system, instrumentation and control system and closed loop water cooling system. Its usable dimensions are 200 x 200 x 200 mm.

The desorption measurement bench is a 250 mm high cylinder with a diameter of 200 mm. It is used to measure surface outgassing in accordance with the standard NF 60-584 and now has a digital recorder funded by the Ile de France region.

#4144 - Last update : 08/01 2017


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