Advanced electronics and microelectronics

The competence in electronics at DEDIP is driven by the constantly increasing performance needs of data acquisition and data processing systems in experimental physics and astrophysics. The know-how of our teams includes system architecture, microelectronics, the design of standard or radiation hardened analog and/or digital electronic boards, the monitoring of subcontracting, the use of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), and the development of embedded real-time software. Our microelectronics group has thirty years of experience in low noise ASIC design for particle detectors for space, particle physics and nuclear physics research. The main fields of expertise are multi-channel design for low noise front-ends, analog memories, monolithic active pixel sensors, ultra-cryogenic electronics and pico-second timing. The group has more than 400,000 channels operating worldwide on different scientific instruments around the world, on earth and in space.

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