DIS - mission and strategy

Within the Irfu project organisation, DIS's mission is to cover the mechanical design and implementation of innovative experimental devices for physics, and to ensure the development and implementation of instrumentation, electronic servo and control systems necessary for their proper operation. Based on a methodology inspired by the system approach, DIS' commitment to projects can evolve from a business contribution to the overall project management of complex experimental systems. In addition, DIS carries out its own R&D actions to strengthen its level of competence and prepare for the needs of the future. The specific areas of expertise developed at DIS cover more particularly cryotechnologies (superconducting magnets and accelerator components), detection systems and space instruments. In interface with all Irfu services, the DIS strategy consists, on the one hand, in maintaining and developing the fields of technical expertise that meet the challenges of the research environment and, on the other hand, in positioning itself in its professions from the upstream phases (often competitive phases) in order to effectively deploy its specific know-how.

DIS thus contributes to the definition of the technical outlines of the project. Training and academic partnerships are also important issues for DIS, which chooses to supervise apprentices and trainees in its specialties and thus train young people in the specificities of the institute's research projects. This is particularly relevant for a service with very varied profiles.

In a context that is evolving towards the development of increasingly complex, integrated and gigantic instruments, DIS is strengthening its systems engineering approach by evaluating the contribution of collaborative tools. Valorisation and publications are also an area under development.

#4377 - Last update : 05/22 2018


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