DEMO tokamak (source EUROfusion).

DEMO will be the successor (in 2040-2050) to the ITER experimental fusion reactor, and it is the next step towards using magnetic confinement fusion energy. DEMO will be used to develop and test technologies, physics regimes and routines for controlling the operation of a fusion reactor, this time not as a scientific experiment, but as a power plant in a pre-industrial phase.


To prepare the ground for the conceptual design study for DEMO, SACM is taking part in the preliminary studies of the magnets for this tokamak, which should make it possible to produce at least 2 gigawatts in a plasma volume twice as big as that of ITER.

Under EUROfusion’s guidance, and in collaboration with SIS, CEA Cadarache and several European institutes, SACM is involved in several activities including the thermohydraulic modeling of superconducting coil cooling in the different models envisaged.

#4697 - Last update : 11/21 2019


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