MACHAFILM - Thin Film Deposition Laboratory
MACHAFILM - Thin Film Deposition Laboratory

Thin film deposition bench


  • Two ALD reactors:
    • Research Scale: small sample, test new chemistries and thin film deposition processes
    • Developments scale: ALD on large objects.
  • Future HIPIMS (High Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) deposition system on samples and large objects.
  • Research topics: Corrosion, Supraconductors (cavité, QuBits), multipacting (coupleurs, cavité...), filtration.
  • Materials: nitrides, oxides, some metals.

Research Scale Technical means

  • Chamber reactor ØxL: 5x50 cm
  • Temparature: 30-450°C,
  • 7 precursor lines :
    • 3 solids, 2 liquids, 2 gases
  • Chamber adaptation possible (cavité, QPR),
  • In situ: RGA, QCM.

Development Scale Technical means

  • High vacuum oven ØxL: 50x110 cm,
  • Temperature: 30-450°C,
  • 8 precursor lines :
    • 4 solids, 2 liquids, 2 gases
  • Chamber adaptation possible (cavité, QPR),
  • In situ: RGA.


  • Glove box under N2,
  • Sorbonne,
  • 4 points measurement at RT,
  • Optical microscope,
  • 3 zones tubular oven under gas (Ar, N2, O2, N2-H2) up to 1100°C.



Supraconducting thin films for cavities:

  • Collaborations European network: ARIES, IFAST: CEA, CERN, HZB, STFC, INFN.
  • Collaboration USA: Jlab.
  • Collaboration France:
    • Région: Sésame AXESRF (CNRS/IJCLab-CEA)

Multipacting – tuning surface SEY:

  • Collaboration ONERA.

Anticorrosions and diffusion barriers:

  • Collaboration CEA/DES (anticorrosion filters)
  • Collaboration CEA/IRAMIS (nanotube growth)

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