DEDIP: orientations and prospects

In the medium term, the service is undergoing changes that will affect the orientation of its recruitment and training policy. Orientation towards systems architecture The increasing complexity of projects requiring the mastery of technologies and interfaces means we have to strengthen our capacity for simulation and analysis at system level. We need to be able to provide complete solutions for physics experiments in terms of front-end architecture, real time architecture and software. Orientation towards systems integration The service needs to develop its capacity for systems integration by creating multidisciplinary teams (optics, mechanics and electronics) and by strengthening its expertise in processes (project management methodology, product assurance). We must also take account of increased subcontracting of production by developing our potential in contracting, testing and qualification. Orientation towards software development The professionalization of IT combined with the emergence of new technologies means that computer software engineers are needed to work alongside physicists during code development. Some aspects of software, such as signal and image processing by computer also take on greater significance. Recognition is needed of the fact that, like detectors, computer code has a major impact on scientific returns. Development methodologies must also adapt to this new context so they fit in better with the way projects are run.

#561 - Last update : 05/22 2018


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