CRYOMECHA - Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity of Insulators and Conductors (MECTIX)


Thermal conductivity measurements on samples (Φ ≈ 30 mm) of insulating or conducting material by using the differential or integral method.


Technical means

  • Measurement cell cooled with a cryogenerator (P = 1.5 W à 4.2 K),
  • Sample cell :
    • temperature measurements with an accuracy of ± 5 mK for 4 K  T  100 K, and ± 10 mK for T  > 100 K,
    • thermal conductivity measurements with the differential or integral method,
  • Automated measurement sequences with multi-channel fast data acquisition system.


Achievements, related projects

  • Study of a CFRP support for the Herschel and Planck satellites,
  • Measurements on titanium for the CMS detector in the framework of the LHC / CERN project,
  • Measurements on aluminium alloy for the ATLAS detector in the framework of the LHC / CERN project,
  • Measurements on several adhesives, including currently an epoxy resin in the framework of a study on superconducting cable stacks (ongoing project with CERN).


Technical steps, expertise

  • Possible mechanical adjustments in order to install the sample in the measurement cell,
  • Automated measurement sequences.

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It is also available for external users thanks to the AMICI collaboration.



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