Our platforms : cryomechanisms

The Irfu cryomechanisms platform brings together in a single place all the facilities for integration and testing of the rotary cryogenic mechanisms developed at Irfu It is composed of several spaces: integration clean room with ISO5 flow, metrology marble, nitrogen storage cabinets, test cryostats and control bays for the test benches.

The platform is located in the Systems Engineering Department. It was funded by the CEA with the support of the Ile de France Region through DIM-ACAV funding.



Our platforms : cryomechanisms

Setup of a cryomechanism in the clean zone

Our platforms : cryomechanisms

Cryomechanisms for Euclid Spacecraft

This platform is dedicated to cryomechanism, the name given to the rotary cryogenic actuator whose development began at Irfu in the mid-1990s.

This mechanism has the following characteristics:

  • rotary (on 360°);
  • with a high positioning repeatability (of the oder of about ten seconds of arc);
  • cryogénique (jusqu'à 5 Kelvin);
  • does not dissipate energy when not in use;

Its most common application is the positioning of coronographic masks, filters, prism arrays and other optical elements in space or grounded based telescopes.




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