Our platforms : prototyping
Our platforms : prototyping

Photo of the DIS prototyping platform, taken from Talents magazine, issue 166

The Systems Engineering Department's prototyping platform, operated by the LCAP, is installed in the design office environment. It is used for the production of polymer prototype parts for concept studies, for technical communication and also for the production of functional components.

Rapid prototyping for technical communication (left, ISEULT) and for responsive support to projects (right, ESS)


Our platforms : prototyping

Our printers : STRATASYS Fortus 250mc (gauche), Ultimaker S5 (droite)

The platform integrates a Fortus 250mc type industrial 3D printer (material: ABS) as well as an Ultimaker S5 "fablab" printer. This open equipment allows the use of a wide range of polymers: ABS, PLA, nylon...


The DIS prototyping platform is associated with the Paris-Saclay fablab, located on the premises of the INSTN, which will give us access from the summer of 2021 to other means of manufacturing and computer development in a collaborative spirit. Within the framework of the CoSTARD transversal programme, we regularly collaborate with the SAMANTA platform (operated by the DES) for the additive manufacturing of metallic components.

Our platforms : prototyping

Prototypes of supports for the SVOM-MXT space detector made on the SAMANTA platform by additive manufacturing (Irfu/DES-DPC collaboration)

The Systems Engineering Department is a member of the professional association France Additive. We are represented in the steering committee of the CNRS "additive manufacturing network". We co-organise with the IJCLab Institute of the CNRS the "additive manufacturing for the physics of the two infinities" symposiums.

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