Study of neutron-induced reactions
Study of neutron-induced reactions

Spectroscopy of nuclear levels. Resonances are related to excited states of the system formed by the neutron and the nucleus, at excitation energies above the neutron binding energy Sn.

This activity covers the measurement and modeling of neutron-induced reactions for incident energies ranging from a few milli-eV to a few hundreds MeV. The most studied observables are the reactions cross-sections that exhibit spectacular resonances corresponding to excited nuclear levels in the sub-continuum region. Other observables, such as the angular distributions of emitted particles, can provide complementary information on the properties of these levels, thus allowing complete spectroscopy of the neutron resonances.

Beyond fundamental aspects, these studies are of interest for different fields ranging from applied nuclear technologies to nuclear astrophysics.

DPhN staff participating in the nTOF project are performing related measurements at the main neutron time-of-flight facilities in Europe.

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