Experimental means

Investigation means

  • Proton-antiproton collider Tevatron (about 2 TeV in centre-of-mass)
  • Particles identification from several detectors
  • Physics processes and detectors response simulation softwares
  • Data analysis software

 Technical description

Different detectors with cylindrical symmetry, organized in layers around the beam axis:

  • liquid argon calorimeter;
  • - tracking detectors in a 2 Teslas magnetic field from a superconducting coil;
  • - muons detectors.

New elements installed between 1996 and 2001 for the Run II upgrade:

  • superconducting coil
  • new tracking detectors ( Fiber tracker, Silicon microstrip vertex detector)
  • new read-out electronics for the calorimeter
  • New forward muon system


  • The calorimeter partly made of depleted uranium plates in a liquid argon bath.
  • Muon spectrometer using an iron toroidal magnet
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