Junior staff position in experimental nuclear physics at IRFU/DPhN CEA Paris-Saclay  

The laboratory for the study of atomic nuclei (LENA) of CEA Paris-Saclay is opening a junior staff scientist position for an outstanding physicist in the field of experimental nuclear physics with a strong focus on nuclear structure. 
The LENA is part of the Nuclear Physics Division (DPhN) of the Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (Irfu) located at CEA-Saclay (France). It is composed of twelve permanent staff physicists working in the field of nuclear physics on both theoretical and experimental aspects. Irfu is a highly dynamic scientific environment including research divisions on astrophysics, nuclear and particle physics as well as strong technical and engineering divisions in instrumentation, cryogenics and accelerator technologies. Inside Irfu, DPhN focuses its research on the nucleon and the nucleus, with studies ranging from nuclear structure and reactions to hadron structure and quark gluon plasma.

The selected candidate is expected to take a leading role in the research programs that the nuclear structure group pursues at the RIKEN and GSI/FAIR facilities. Since 2014, the MINOS device conceived and built at CEA has been successfully used to study the spectroscopy of very neutron-rich nuclei at RIKEN. A campaign of experiments is expected to restart in 2020, including experiments on neutron deficient nuclei carried on by the group. The group is currently responsible for the operation of a Liquid Hydrogen target for R3B experiments at the GSI and, later on, the FAIR European facility. This development is supported by a grant of the French National Research Agency (ANR) dedicated to the study of Short-Range Correlations in exotic nuclei. The target will be used for experiments from the beginning of 2020. Within this context, the successful candidate is expected to take part in our current program but also develop her/his own physics program. She/he will be encouraged to propose technical developments needed to pursue it, in collaboration with the Technical Departments of CEA.

A Ph.D. in experimental nuclear physics is required, with preferably a significant postdoctoral experience, but younger researchers with high scientific potential are also invited to apply. A wide knowledge of nuclear structure physics is mandatory. Expertise in simulation and experimental techniques is highly desirable, as well as a fair level in the use of common analysis tools such as ROOT. 

Candidates should send a cover letter describing their research activities and prospects, a Curriculum Vitae including a list of recent or important publications, at least two letters of recommendation, and when applicable an electronic copy of their PhD thesis as well as the jury reports on their manuscript and/or PhD defense. Documents should be sent preferably by email to Danielle Coret (cc: Anna Corsi), or alternatively by postal mail to:  

Danielle CORET 
CEA Saclay 
Irfu/DPhN, Bât 703 
F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

For full consideration, all application materials must be submitted by 21 February 2020. The hiring committee will release the list of candidates selected for interviews mid-March 2020. The interviews of selected candidates are foreseen in April 2020.

For more information, please contact Anna Corsi 


P. Briet, 2020-01-20 16:23:00


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