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Star formation in the Antennae galaxies

Details about the simulation haven't been published yet. Stay tuned!
Presented in Renaud F., Bournaud F. & Duc P.-A., in prep.
and used in Starbursts triggered by inter-galactic tides and interstellar compressive turbulence
(Renaud F., Bournaud F., Kraljic K. & Duc P.-A.)




Download (Movie by Bruno Thooris, CEA/IRFU)

Outflow from clumpy galaxies

Presented in The long lives of giant clumps and the birth of outflows in gas-rich galaxies at high redshift
(Bournaud F., Perret V., Renaud F., et al., 2013)


Zooming in in the Milky Way

Presented in A subparsec resolution simulation of the Milky Way: Global structure of the ISM and properties of molecular clouds
(Renaud F. et al., 2013)


Download (Movie by Marc Labadens, CEA/IRFU)

Twin star clusters in a galaxy merger

Presented in The role of galaxy mergers on the evolution of star clusters
(Renaud F. & Gieles M., 2013)

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