Spectral-imaging laboratory for space science

R&D in detectors from far infrared to gamma ray using bolometers, microcalocalorimeters or semiconductors.




The Spectral-imaging laboratory for space science has been developing advanced detectors for astronomy for several decades, with a strategy guided by this essential question: "How to build a detector to answer this particular astrophysical question?"

From star formation to exoplanets to violent universes, the multi-wavelength approach is one of the essential characteristics of the laboratory. We develop detectors in the submillimeter range but also in infrared, X-rays and gamma rays. These developments are accompanied by long-standing expertise on detector test benches in each of the four areas: the LSIS has set up several high-performance equipment, such as very low temperature cryostats (20 mK) for submillimetre and X-ray developments, as well as a unique facility to characterize the intra-pixel sensitivity of infrared sensors.


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