Team members of the Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution laboratory - LCEG
[31 people]: 12 staff researchers, 9 postdocs & 10 PhD students

staff researchers [12]

Monique Arnaud, Frédéric Bournaud, Emanuele Daddi, David Elbaz (head), Emeric Le Floc’h, Stéphanie Juneau, Roland Lehoucq, Marguerite Pierre, Gabriel Pratt [CEA], Hervé Aussel, Pierre-Alain Duc [CNRS], Jean-Charles Cuillandre [CNAP]

Postdocs [9]

Lorenzo Faccioli (CDD CEA); Jared Gabor(ERC); Tao Wang (FP7-Astrodeep); Iacopo Bartalucci, Remco Van der Burg, Paula Tarrio-Alonso, Amandine Le Brun (CDD ERC); Kyle Penner (FP7-Help); Yu-Yen Chang (ANR)

PhD students [10]

Oriane Roos with F.Bournaud & S.Juneau; Corentin Schreiber with D.Elbaz; Jérémy Fensch with P.A.Duc; Andrea Valotti with M.Pierre; Anita Zanella with E.Le Floc’h; Francesco Valentino with E.Daddi; co-supervision: Daizhong Liu, Zhongyang Ma, Paola dimauro with E.Daddi; Emin Karabal with P.A.Duc.


Short summary of science activities of the staff researchers


Monique Arnaud ( ) :

Galaxy clusters and structure formation: X-ray and SZ observations and modelling, dark matter content of clusters, metal enrichment, formation and evolution of clusters from studies of their scaling and structural properties. X-ray astronomy: instrumentation, data processing, observation, plasmas processes and diagnostics.

Hervé Aussel ( ):

Evolution of galaxies in infrared and optical large extragalactic surveys. Multiwavelength characterization of galaxy evolution and role of the environment. Infrared and optical imaging data analysis.

Frédéric Bournaud ( ) :

Galactic dynamics, galaxy formation, large-scale star formation physics, numerical simulations, hydrodynamics, optical and infrared spectroscopy. Development and optimization of adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) simulation techniques for the modelling of small-scale ISM structure in large-scale galaxy simulations (dense gas clouds, clustered star formation, realistic feedback processes).

Jean-Charles Cuillandre ( ):

Optical and infrared wide-field imaging: instrumentation, methods, and data analysis. Probing the external content of galaxies through ultra-deep optical imaging. Astronomical imaging as an outreach tool.

Emanuele Daddi ( ):

Galaxy formation and evolution, observations. Multiwavelength study of distant massive star-forming and passive galaxies, obscured active galactic nuclei. Observation of the molecular gas reservoirs of distant galaxies in connection with the origin of star-formation.

Pierre-Alain Duc ( ):

Role of galaxy mergers in the formation of the most massive galaxies from the combination of ultra-deep optical imaging and numerical simulations. Star-formation laws in interacting systems. Star cluster and dwarf galaxy formation in interacting systems.

David Elbaz ( , head of the group):

Formation/evolution of galaxies, role of environment. Spectral energy distribution of galaxies, modelling of galaxy evolution, galaxy counts. Dust emission of galaxies, infrared astronomy, deep extragalactic surveys. Class on galaxies at master M2 level ( )

Emeric Le Floc'h ( ):

Characterization of the spectrophotometric properties of distant galaxies and of the physical mechanisms leading to their formation and evolution in the cosmological context. Morphology, stellar mass and star formation spatial distributions in distant galaxies. Instrumentation: coordination of the extragalactic science working group for the ELT-METIS instrument. Use of GRB to probe the distant Universe, preparation of the SVOM mission.

Stéphanie Juneau ( , ):

Galaxy evolution, active galactic nuclei (AGN) triggering and obscuration, multi-scale connection between AGN and their host galaxies, star formation history, supermassive black hole growth, ISM properties as diagnostic tools for star formation and nuclear activity, optical spectroscopy, molecular gas properties, simulation of AGN signatures and their observability.

Roland Lehoucq ( ):

Search for a signature of the topology of the Universe from CMB observations; primordial black holes; science popularization by conferences, books, exhibits


Marguerite Pierre ( ):

X-ray observations of galaxy clusters and large-scale structures. Study of low mass galaxy clusters from the local to distant Universe. Large X-ray surveys with XMM to study cluster formation and constrain cosmological parameters.

Gabriel Pratt ( ):

Clusters of galaxies: multi wavelength observations and modelling; dark and baryonic matter content and distribution; non-thermal matter content and distribution; formation and evolution through studies of statistical samples; surveys and catalogues. Binary stars: multi wavelength observations and modelling of eclipsing and non-eclipsing systems. X-ray astronomy: data processing, observation, instrumentation.

PhD students:

Paola Dimauro (PhD at Observatoire de Paris, 1st year, E.Daddi co-director): works on the bulge disk decomposition of CANDELS and SHARDS imaging to study the assembly of bulges through cosmic time. Also works on the diffuse broad band light in the z=2 cluster.

Jérémy Fensch (w.P.A.Duc): formation of globular clusters in galaxy collisions at low and high from numerical simulations and observations.

Emin Karabal (with P.A.Duc as co-director): works on stellar populations of the external regions of early type galaxies from the MATLAS Large Program.

Daizhong Liu (with E.Daddi, CAS/CNRS bourse): works on the production a highly deblended FIR catalog in GOODS-North and subsequent follow-up. Also works on multi-transition CO study of galaxies near and far. Also analyses ALMA data with CASA and GILDAS.

Zhongyang Ma (with E.Daddi 03/2015-03/2016, CAS/CNRS): works on the size evolution of early-type galaxies in COSMOS, using stacking and multi-lambda SEDs.

Oriane Roos: (co-supervision by F. Bournaud, S. Juneau) high-resolution simulations of AGN feedback in galaxies.

Corentin Schreiber (CFR): Herschel surveys, multiwavelength properties of distant star-forming galaxies, stacking, bulge/disk decomposition.

Francesco Valentino (CFR): works on the environmental effects in galaxy formation and evolution. Has been working with near-IR spectroscopy and emission line diagnostics, and now with Lya imaging studying diffuse light and Lya emitters in a z=2 cluster. 

Andrea Valotti (CFR): XXL survey.

Anita Zanella (with E.Le Floc’h, 50% ANR + 50% CFR) : evolution and properties of star formation clumps in z~2 galaxies selected from the [OIII] line.


Iacopo Bartalucci (ERC M.Arnaud):       X-ray studies.

Yu-Yen Chang (ANR E.Le Floc’h) : morphology of AGNs selected from their mid-infrared signature, comparison to X-ray and optical signatures.

Lorenzo Faccioli (CDD CEA with M.Pierre):      XXL survey.

Jared Gabor (ERC F.Bournaud): numerical simulations star formation, AGN activity.

Amandine Le Brun (ERC M.Arnaud):    Cosmological numerical simulations.

Kyle Penner (FP7-SPACE HELP H.Aussel) : data reduction and analysis of the wide field Herschel surveys and their scientific exploitation.

Paula Tarrio Alonso (ERC M.Arnaud):  cluster X-ray and SZ detection.

Remco Van der Burg (ERC M.Arnaud): Optical studies of cluster galaxies.

Tao Wang (FP7-SPACE Astrodeep D.Elbaz) : distant infrared galaxies, Herschel source extraction. 



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