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Refeered publications

(On January 2018, 61 refeered publications)


  • 2017
  1. On the signatures of flare-induced global waves in the Sun: GOLF and VIRGO observations, Brajesh K., Mathur S., García R.A., Jiménez A., MNRAS, 471, 4677
  2. Photospheric activity of the Sun with VIRGO and GOLF: Comparison with standard activity proxies, Salabert D., García R.A., Jiménez A., Bertello L., Corsaro E., Pallé P.L., A&A, 608, A87
  3. Asymptotic g modes: Evidence for a rapid rotation of the solar core, Fossat E., Boumier P., Corbard T., Provost J., Salabert D., Schmider F.X., Gabriel A.H., Grec G., Renaud C., Robillot J.M., Roca-Cortés T., Turck-Chièze S., Ulrich R.K., Lazrek M., A&A, 604, A40
  • 2015
  1. Seismic sensitivity to sub-surface solar activity from 18 yr of GOLF/SoHO observations, Salabert D., García R.A., Turck-Chièze S., A&A, 578, A137
  • 2012
  1. The quasi-biennial periodicity (QBP) in velocity and intensity helioseismic observations. The seismic QBP over solar cycle 23, Simoniello R., Finsterle W., Salabert D., García R.A., Turck-Chièze S., Jiménez A., Roth M., A&A, 539, A135
  • 2011
  1. The acoustic cutoff frequency of the Sun and the solar magnetic activity cycle, Jiménez A., García R.A., Pallé P.L., ApJ, 743, 99 
  2. On the Flare-induced Seismicity in the Active Region NOAA 10930 and Related Enhancement of Global Waves in the Sun, Brajesh K., Venkatakrisnan P., Mathur S., Sanjiv Kumar S., García R.A., ApJ, 743, 29
  3. Mode visibilities in radial velocity and photometric Sun-as-a-star helioseismic observations, Salabert D., Ballot J., García R.A., A&A, 528, A25
  • 2010
  1. Acoustic power absorption and enhancement generated by slow and fast MHD waves. Evidence of solar cycle velocity/intensity amplitude changes consistent with the mode conversion theory, Simoniello R., Finsterle W., García R.A., Salabert D., Jiménez A., Elsworth Y., Schunker H., A&A, 516, A30
  2. On the Flare Induced High-Frequency Global Waves in the Sun, Kumar B., Mathur S., García R.A., Venkatakrishnan P., ApJ, 711, L12
  • 2009
  1. On the Solar Origin of the Signal at 220.7 μHz: A Possible Component of a g-Mode?, Jiménez A., García R.A., ApJS, 184, 288
  2. The onset of solar cycle 24. What global acoustic modes are telling us, Salabert D., García R.A., Pallé P.L., Jiménez-Reyes S.J., A&A, 504, L1
  • 2008
  1. Variations of the solar granulation motions with height using the GOLF/SoHO experiment, Lefebvre S., García R.A., Jiménez-Reyes S.J., Turck-Chièze S., Mathur S., A&A, 490, 1143
  2. Can We Constrain Solar Interior Physics by Studying the Gravity-Mode Asymptotic Signature?, García R.A., Mathur S., Ballot J., Solar Physics, 251, 135
  3. Influence of Low-Degree High-Order p-Mode Splittings on the Solar Rotation Profile, García R.A., Mathur S., Ballot J., Eff-Darwich A., Jiménez-Reyes S.J., Korzennik S.G., Solar Physics, 251, 119
  4. Analysis of the Sensitivity of Solar Rotation to Helioseismic Data from GONG, GOLF, and MDI Observations, Eff-Darwich A., Korzennik S.G., Jiménez-Reyes S.J., García R.A., ApJ, 679, 1636
  • 2007
  1. Tracking solar gravity modes: The dynamics of the solar core, García R.A., Turck-Chièze S., Jiménez-Reyes S., Ballot J., Pallé P.L., Eff-Darwich A., Mathur S., Provost J., Science, 316, 1591
  2. On the Characteristics of the Solar Gravity Mode Frequencies, Mathur S., Turck-Chièze S., Couvidat S., García R.A., ApJ, 668, 594
  3. Probing the internal solar magnetic field through g modes, Rashba T.I., Semikoz V.B., Turck-Chièze S., Valle J.W.F., MNRAS, 377, 453
  4. On the Variation of the Peak Asymmetry of Low-l Solar p Modes, Jiménez-Reyes S.J., Chaplin W.J., Elsworth Y., García R.A., Howe R., Soca-Navarro H., Toutain T., ApJ, 654, 1135
  5. The change of solar shape in time and depth. Some consequences for space climate, Lefebvre S., Rozelot, J.P., Kosovichev A.G., 2007, Advances in Space Research, 40, 1000
  • 2006
  1. Solar gravity modes: Present and future, Turck-Chièze S., Advances in Space Research, 37, 1569
  • 2005
  1. Disk-integrated intensity pseudomodes measured by SOHO/VIRGO, Jiménez A., Jiménez-Reyes S.J., García R.A, ApJ, 623, 1215
  2. Global solar Doppler velocity determination with the GOLF/SoHO instrument, García, R.A, Turck-Chièze S., Boumier P., et al., A&A, 442, 385
  • 2004
  1. Seismic extraction of the convective extent in solar-like stars. The observational point of view, Ballot J., Turck-Chièze S., García R.A., A&A, 423, 1051
  2. Tracing the acoustic solar cycle: a direct comparison of BiSON and GOLF low-l p-mode variations, Jiménez-Reyes S.J., Chaplin W.J., Elsworth Y., García R.A., ApJ, 604, 969
  3. Looking for gravity mode multiplets with the GOLF experiment abord SoHO, Turck-Chièze S., García R.A., Couvidat S., Ulrich R.K., Bertello L., Varadi F., Kosovichev A.G., Gabriel A.H., Berthomieu G., Brun A.S., Lopes I., Pallé P.L., Provost J., Robillot J.M., Roca Cortés T., ApJ, 604, 455
  4. About the rotation of the solar radiative interior, García R.A., Corbard T., Chaplin W.J., et al., Solar Physics, 220, 269
  5. On the interaction between differential rotation and magnetic fields in the Sun, Brun A.S., Solar Physics, 2004, 220, 333
  6. On the spatial dependence of Low-degree solar p-mode frequency shifts from full-disc and resolved-Sun observations, Jiménez-Reyes S.J., García R.A., Chaplin W.J., et al., ApJ, 610, L65
  7. Surprising Sun: a new step towards a complete picture?, Turck-Chièze S., Couvidat S., Piau L., et al., Phys. Rev. lett., 93, 21
  • 2003
  1. Excitation and damping of low-degree solar p-modes during activity cycle 23: analysis of GOLF and VIRGO/SPM data, Jiménez-Reyes S., García R.A., Jiménez A., et al., ApJ, 595, 446
  2. The rotation of the deep solar layers, Couvidat S., García R.A., Turck-Chièze S., et al., ApJ, 597, L77
  3. Solar Seismic Models and the Neutrino predictions, Couvidat S., Turck-Chièze S., Kosovichev A.G., ApJ, 599, 1434
  • 2002
  1. A search for solar g modes in the GOLF data, Gabriel A.H., Baudin F., Boumier P., et al., A&A, 390, 1119
  • 2001
  1. Solar internal composition and nuclear reaction rates in the light of helioseismology, Turck-Chièze S., Nghiem P., Couvidat S., et al., Solar Physics, 200, 323
  2. Low-degree low-order solar p modes as seen by GOLF onboard SOHO, García R.A., Régulo C., Turck-Chièze S., et al., Solar Physics, 200, 361
  3. Solar neutrino emission deduced from a seismic model, Turck-Chiéze S., Couvidat S., Kosovichev A.G., et al., ApJ, 555, L69
  • 2000
  1. Structure of the solar core: effect of asymmetry of peak profiles, Basu S., Turck-Chièze S., Berthomieu, G., et al., ApJ, 535
  2. Comparison of frequencies and rotational splittings of solar acoustic modes of low angular degree from simultaneous MDI and GOLF observations, Bertello L., Henney C.J., Ulrich R.K., et al., ApJ, 535, 1066
  3. Identification of Solar Acoustic Modes of Low Angular Degree and Low Radial, Bertello L., Varadi F., Ulrich R. K., et al., ApJ, 537, L143
  4. Sensitivity of the GOLF signal to combined solar velocity and intensity variations, Ulrich R.K., García R. A., Robillot J.-M., A&A, 364, 799
  5. Simulation of resonance scattering helioseismometer signals from spatially resolved images: Application to the GOLF instrument on SOHO, Ulrich R.K.; Boumier P.; Robillot J.-M., A&A, 364, 816
  • 1999
  1. On the nature of the current GOLF p-mode signal, Pallé P. L., Régulo C., Roca Cortès T., et al., A&A, 341, 625
  2. Solar oscillations: Time analysis of the GOLF p-mode signal, Renaud C., Grec G., Boumier P., et al., A&A, 345, 1019
  3. Standard solar models in the light of new helioseismic constraints, II Mixing at the base of the convective zone, Brun S., Turck-Chièze S., Zahn J.P., ApJ, 525, 1032
  4. Improving the signal-to-noise ratio in solar oscillation spectra, García R.A., Jefferies S.M., Toner C.G., et al., A&A, 346, L61
  5. The integrated magnetic field of the Sun as seen by GOLF on board SOHO, García R.A., Boumier P., Charra J., et al., A&A, 346, 626
  6. Power spectra comparison between GOLF and spatially masked MDI velocity signals, Henney C.J., Ulrich R.K., Bertello L., et al., A&A, 348, 627
  • 1998
  1. Solar fusion cross sections, Adelberger E.G., Austin S.M., Bahcall J.N., et al., Rev. Mod. Phys., 1998, 70 (4), 1265.
  2. Standard solar models in the light of new helioseismic constraints, I The solar core, Brun A.S., Turck-Chièze S., Morel P., ApJ, 506, 913
  3. High frequency signal in the power spectrum of solar velocity observations from the GOLF experiment, García R., Pallé P. L., Turck-Chièze S., et al., ApJ, 504, L51
  4. Composition and opacity in the solar interior, in Solar composition and its evolution, from core to corona, Turck-Chièze S., ed. R. Steiger, Space Science Review, 85, 125
  5. Time correlation of the solar p-mode velocity signal from GOLF, Gabriel M., Grec G., Renaud C., et al., A&A, 338, 1109
  6. Are solar acoustic modes correlated?, Foglizzo T., García R.A., Boumier P., et al., A&A, 330, 341
  • 1997
  1. Diagnostics of the external physical processes from global oscillations of solar-like stars, Lopes I., Turck-Chièze S., Michel E., et al., ApJ, 480, 794
  2. Performance and early results from the GOLF instrument flown on the SOHO mission, Gabriel A.,  Charra J., Grec G., et al., Solar Physics, 175, 207
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  5. First view of the solar core from GOLF acoustic modes, Turck-Chièze S., Basu S., Brun A.S., et al., Solar Physics, 175, 247
  • 1995
  1. Global oscillations at low frequency from the SOHO mission, Gabriel A.H., Grec G., Charra J., et al., Solar Physics, 162, 61

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