Life of the experiment

History and main milestones

  • proposed in 1983
  • approved in 1984


  • 12 may 1992 : first protons-antiprotons collisions registered
  • 1992-1996 : Run I:  first data taking phase (with the transition radiation detector)  integrated luminosity125 pb-1
  • 1995 : top quark discovery  (in pair production via strong interactions)
  • 2001: final measurement of the W boson mass using Run I data. Achieved precision of 84 Mev (1.05%)
  • 2003: final measurement of the top quark mass using Run I data, using the matrix element technique. Precision of 2.4%


  • March 2001 : Data taking resumes with proton anti-proton collisions at 1.96 TeV after a 5 years long shutdown during which both the collider and the D0 detector have been significantly upgraded
  • spring 2002 : end of the commissioning of the new D0 detecteur D0
  • summer 2002 : first physics results from Run 2 a data
  • march 2006 : end of  Run 2a   integrated luminosity   1.5 fb-1
  • march 2006 - may 2006 : installation of layer 0 of the vertex detector and trigger upgrades
  • august 2006 : Run IIb starts
  • 2006 : observation of the Bs oscillation
  • 2007 : observation of the electroweak production of the top quark top  i.e.  single top production
  • spring 2007 : Tevatron has delivered 3 fb-1 to D0
  • 2007 : observation of the XI_b baryon
  • August  2007 : the publication of the observation of the XI_b baryon corresponds to the 200th D0 publication
  • July 2008: measurement of the top quark mass with a precision of 1.2%, using Run IIa data
  • July 2008: first limit from the Tevatron experiments (D0+CDF) on the Standard Model Higgs boson. Exclusion of a Higgs boson of mass around 155 GeV.
  • end 2008: Tevatron deliver 7 fb-1 to D0.
  • 2009: Measurement of the W mass using RunIIa data (1 fb-1). Precision of 43 MeV.
  • 2011 Anomalous CP violating asymmetry in like-sign dimuon pair production.
  • September 2011: final Tevatron shutdown after delivering 12 fb-1 to D0
  • 2012: measurement of the W mass using the first half of Run II data. Precision of 23 MeV
  • July 2012: first evidence for the production of Higgs bosons decaying to pairs of b-quarks. At the same time the Higgs boson is discovered at the CERN LHC.
  • 2013: final results on the search for Higgs bosons at Tevatron. Evidence for the production of a Higgs boson of mass 125 GeV combining D0 and CDF data.
  • 2014 Precise measurement of the top quark mass in the lepton+jets final state. Precision of 0.43%
  • 2016 Discovery of a new states that could be a tetraquark made of 4 different flavors.
  • 2019 Prize for Particle and High Energy Physics awarded by the European Physical Society for the discovery of the top quark in 1995 and the detailed measurements of its properties from 1995 to the present.
  • 2020 DZero publishes 500th paper
  • 2021 Discovery of the Odderon combining data with the Totem experiment.



Technical and scientific achievements


  • Around 150  publications from physics analysis of the Run I data
  • More than 350 publications from physics analysis of the Run II data

The complete list of publications is here


Life of the experiment

Publication in the different scientific topics: Strong interaction (QCD), top quark physics, New Phenomena (NP), Higgs boson search, electroweak physics (EW), and Heavy flavor physics (HF).

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