Refereed publications

  Forth series of XXL paper (open)

  • Bhargava, Sunayana ; Garrel, Christian ; Koulouridis, Elias ; Pierre, Marguerite and 11 more   The XXL Survey. L. Active galactic nucleus contamination in galaxy clusters: Detection and cosmological impact, 2023A&A...673A..92B

  Papers in collaboration with the GAMA and HSC consortia

  • Pouliasis, E. ; Muntrichas, G. ; Georgantopoulos, I. and 11 more   XXL-HSC: The link between AGN activity and star formation in the Early Universe (z?3.5) , 2022A&A...667A..56P
  • Akino, Daichi; Eckert, Dominique; Okabe, Nobuhiro and 17 more   HSC-XXL: Baryon budget of the 136 XXL groups and clusters , 2022PASJ...74..175A
  • Pouliasis, E.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Ruiz, A. and 12 more   XXL-HSC: An updated catalogue of high-redshift (z ≥ 3.5) X-ray AGN in the XMM-XXL northern field. Constraints on the bright end of the soft log N-log S , 2022A&A...658A.175P
  • Willis, J. P.; Oguri, M.; Ramos-Ceja, M. E. and 31 more   Understanding X-ray and optical selection of galaxy clusters: a comparison of the XXL and CAMIRA cluster catalogues obtained in the common XXL-HSC SSP area , 2021MNRAS.503.5624W
  • Okabe, Nobuhiro; Dicker, Simon; Eckert, Dominique and 33 more   Active gas features in three HSC-SSP CAMIRA clusters revealed by high angular resolution analysis of MUSTANG-2 SZE and XXL X-ray observations , 2021MNRAS.501.1701O
  • Nwaokoro, E.; Phillipps, S.; Young, A. J. and 18 more   GAMA/XXL: X-ray point sources in low-luminosity galaxies in the GAMA G02/XXL-N field , 2021MNRAS.502.3101N
  • Sereno, Mauro; Umetsu, Keiichi; Ettori, Stefano and 13 more   XXL Survey groups and clusters in the Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey. Scaling relations between X-ray properties and weak lensing mass , 2020MNRAS.492.4528S
  • Umetsu, Keiichi; Sereno, Mauro; Lieu, Maggie and 23 more   Weak-lensing Analysis of X-Ray-selected XXL Galaxy Groups and Clusters with Subaru HSC Data , 2020ApJ...890..148U

  Third series of XXL papers

  • Trudeau, A.; Willis, J. P.; Rennehan, D. and 5 more   The XXL survey. XLIX. Linking the members star formation histories to the cluster mass assembly in the z = 1.98 galaxy cluster XLSSC 122 , 2022MNRAS.515.2529T
  • Duffy, R. T.; Logan, C. H. A.; Maughan, B. J. and 11 more   The XXL Survey - XLVIII. X-ray follow-up of distant XXL clusters: masses, scaling relations, and AGN contamination , 2022MNRAS.512.2525D
  • Giles, P. A.; Robotham, A.; Ramos-Ceja, M. E. and 19 more   The XXL Survey. XLVII. The LX - σv relation of galaxy groups and clusters detected in the XXL and GAMA surveys , 2022MNRAS.511.1227G
  • Garrel, Christian; Pierre, Marguerite; Valageas, Patrick and 15 more   The XXL survey. XLVI. Forward cosmological analysis of the C1 cluster sample , 2022A&A...663A...3G
  • Crossett, J. P.; McGee, S. L.; Ponman, T. J. and 16 more   The XXL Survey. XLV. Linking the ages of optically selected groups to their X-ray emission , 2022A&A...663A...2C
  • M. Ricci, R. Adam, D. Eckert, P. Ade, P. André, A. Andrianasolo, B. Altieri, H. Aussel, A. Beelen, C. Benoist et al. (54 more)   The XXL Survey - XLIV. Sunyaev-Zel’dovich mapping of a low-mass cluster at z ∼ 1: a multi-wavelength approach , 2020A&A...642A.126R
  • L. Ceraj, V. Smol?i?, I. Delvecchio, A. Butler, K. Tisani?, J. Delhaize, C. Horellou, J. Kartaltepe, K. Kolokythas, S. Leslie et al. (6 more)   The XXL Survey - XLIII. The quasar radio loudness dichotomy exposed via radio luminosity functions obtained by combining results from COSMOS and XXL-S X-ray selected quasars , 2020A&A...642A.125C
  • A. Trudeau, C. Garrel, J. Willis, M. Pierre, F. Gastaldello, L. Chiappetti, S. Ettori, K. Umetsu, C. Adami, N. Adams et al. (9 more)   The XXL Survey - XLII. Detection and characterisation of the galaxy population of distant galaxy clusters in the XXL-N/VIDEO field: A tale of variety , 2020A&A...642A.124T
  • B. Šlaus, V. Smol?i?, M. Novak, S. Fotopoulou, P. Ciliegi, N. Jurlin, L. Ceraj, K. Tisani?, M. Birkinshaw, M. Bremer et al. (8 more)   The XXL Survey - XLI. Radio AGN luminosity functions based on the GMRT 610 MHz continuum observations , 2020A&A...638A..46S
  • V. A. Masoura, I. Georgantopoulos, G. Mountrichas, C. Vignali, E. Koulouridis, L. Chiappetti, S. Fotopoulou, S. Paltani and M. Pierre   The XXL Survey - XL. Obscuration properties of red AGNs in XXL-N , 2020A&A...638A..45M
  • R. A. J. Eyles, M. Birkinshaw, V. Smol?i?, C. Horellou, M. Huynh, A. Butler, J. Delhaize, C. Vignali and M. Pierre   The XXL Survey - XXXIX. Polarised radio sources in the XXL-South field , 2020A&A...633A...6E
  • Mauro Sereno, Stefano Ettori, Dominique Eckert, Paul Giles, Ben J. Maughan, Florian Pacaud, Marguerite Pierre and Patrick Valageas   The XXL Survey - XXXVIII. Scatter and correlations of X-ray proxies in the bright XXL cluster sample , 2019A&A...632A..54S
  • V. Guglielmo, B. M. Poggianti, B. Vulcani, S. Maurogordato, J. Fritz, M. Bolzonella, S. Fotopoulou, C. Adami and M. Pierre   The XXL Survey - XXXVII. The role of the environment in shaping the stellar population properties of galaxies at 0.1 ≤ z ≤ 0.5 , 2019A&A...625A.112G
  • Andrew Butler, Minh Huynh, Anna Kapi?ska, Ivan Delvecchio, Vernesa Smol?i?, Lucio Chiappetti, Elias Koulouridis and Marguerite Pierre  The XXL Survey - XXXVI. Evolution and black hole feedback of high-excitation and low-excitation radio galaxies in XXL-S, 2019A&A...625A.111B


   Second series of XXL papers, December 2018

  • F. Marulli, A. Veropalumbo, M. Sereno, L. Moscardini, F. Pacaud, M. Pierre, M. Plionis, A. Cappi, C. Adami, S. Alis et al. (13 more), The XXL Survey - XVI. The clustering of X-ray selected galaxy clusters at z ~ 0.3, 2018 A&A 620, A1
  • A. B. Mantz, Z. Abdulla, S. W. Allen, J. E. Carlstrom, C. H. A. Logan, D. P. Marrone, B. J. Maughan, J. Willis, F. Pacaud and M. Pierre, The XXL Survey - XVII. X-ray and Sunyaev-Zel’dovich properties of the redshift 2.0 galaxy cluster XLSSC 122, 2018 A&A 620, A2
  • Andrew Butler, Minh Huynh, Jacinta Delhaize, Vernesa Smolcic, Anna Kapinska, Dinko Milakovic, Mladen Novak, Nikola Baran, Andrew O'Brien, Lucio Chiappetti et al. (5 more), The XXL Survey - XVIII. ATCA 2.1 GHz radio source catalogue and source counts for the XXL-South field, 2018 A&A 620, A3
  • E. Koulouridis, L. Faccioli, A. M. C. Le Brun, M. Plionis, I. G. McCarthy, M. Pierre, A. Akylas, I. Georgantopoulos, S. Paltani, C. Lidman et al. (4 more), The XXL Survey - XIX. A realistic population of simulated X-ray AGN: Comparison of models with observations, 2018 A&A 620, A4
  • C. Adami, P. Giles, E. Koulouridis, F. Pacaud, C. A. Caretta, M. Pierre, D. Eckert, M. E. Ramos-Ceja, F. Gastaldello, S. Fotopoulou et al. (47 more), The XXL Survey - XX. The 365 cluster catalogue, 2018 A&A 620, A5
  • O. Melnyk, A. Elyiv, V. Smolcic, M. Plionis, E. Koulouridis, S. Fotopoulou, L. Chiappetti, C. Adami, N. Baran, A. Butler et al. (9 more), The XXL Survey - XXI. The environment and clustering of X-ray AGN in the XXL-South field, 2018 A&A 620, A6
  • V. Guglielmo, B. M. Poggianti, B. Vulcani, C. Adami, F. Gastaldello, S. Ettori, S. Fotoupoulou, E. Koulouridis, M. E. Ramos Ceja, P. Giles et al. (35 more), The XXL Survey - XXII. The XXL-North spectrophotometric sample and galaxy stellar mass function in X-ray detected groups and clusters, 2018 A&A 620, A7
  • Arya Farahi, Valentina Guglielmo, August E. Evrard, Bianca M. Poggianti, Christophe Adami, Stefano Ettori, Fabio Gastaldello, Paul A. Giles, Ben J. Maughan, David Rapetti et al. (27 more), The XXL Survey - XXIII. The mass scale of XXL clusters from ensemble spectroscopy, 2018 A&A 620, A8
  • L. Faccioli, F. Pacaud, J.-L. Sauvageot, M. Pierre, L. Chiappetti, N. Clerc, R. Gastaud, E. Koulouridis, A. M. C. Le Brun and A. Valotti, The XXL Survey - XXIV. The final detection pipeline, 2018 A&A 620, A9
  • F. Pacaud, M. Pierre, J.-B. Melin, C. Adami, A. E. Evrard, S. Galli, F. Gastaldello, B. J. Maughan, M. Sereno, S. Alis et al. (19 more), The XXL Survey - XXV. Cosmological analysis of the C1 cluster number counts, 2018 A&A 620, A10
  • Paolo Ciliegi, Nika Jurlin, Andrew Butler, Jacinta Delhaize, Sotiria Fotopoulou, Minh Huynh, Angela Iovino, Vernesa Smolcic, Lucio Chiappetti and Marguerite Pierre, The XXL Survey - XXVI. Optical and near-infrared identifications of the ATCA 2.1 GHz radio sources in the XXL-S Field, 2018 A&A 620, A11
  • L. Chiappetti, S. Fotopoulou, C. Lidman, L. Faccioli, F. Pacaud, A. Elyiv, S. Paltani, M. Pierre, M. Plionis, C. Adami et al. (28 more), The XXL Survey - XXVII. The 3XLSS point source catalogue, 2018 A&A 620, A12
  • M. Ricci, C. Benoist, S. Maurogordato, C. Adami, L. Chiappetti, F. Gastaldello, V. Guglielmo, B. Poggianti, M. Sereno, R. Adam et al. (6 more), The XXL Survey - XXVIII. Galaxy luminosity functions of the XXL-N clusters, 2018 A&A 620, A13
  • Vernesa Smolcic, Huib Intema, Bruno Slaus, Somak Raychaudhury, Mladen Novak, Cathy Horellou, Lucio Chiappetti, Jacinta Delhaize, Mark Birkinshaw, Marco Bondi et al. (11 more), The XXL Survey - XXIX. GMRT 610 MHz continuum observations, 2018 A&A 620, A14
  • V. Guglielmo, B. M. Poggianti, B. Vulcani, A. Moretti, J. Fritz, F. Gastaldello, C. Adami, C. A. Caretta, J. Willis, E. Koulouridis et al. (27 more), The XXL Survey - XXX. Characterisation of the XLSSsC N01 supercluster and analysis of the galaxy stellar populations, 2018 A&A 620, A15
  • Andrew Butler, Minh Huynh, Ivan Delvecchio, Anna Kapinska, Paolo Ciliegi, Nika Jurlin, Jacinta Delhaize, Vernesa Smolcic, Shantanu Desai, Sotiria Fotopoulou et al. (3 more), The XXL Survey - XXXI. Classification and host galaxy properties of 2.1 GHz ATCA XXL-S radio sources, 2018 A&A 620, A16
  • M. Plionis, L. Koutoulidis, E. Koulouridis, L. Moscardini, C. Lidman, M. Pierre, C. Adami, L. Chiappetti, L. Faccioli, S. Fotopoulou et al. (2 more), The XXL Survey - XXXII. Spatial clustering of the XXL-S AGN, 2018 A&A 620, A17
  • C. H. A. Logan, B. J. Maughan, M. N. Bremer, P. Giles, M. Birkinshaw, L. Chiappetti, N. Clerc, L. Faccioli, E. Koulouridis, F. Pacaud et al. (4 more), The XXL Survey - XXXIII. Chandra constraints on the AGN contamination of z > 1 XXL galaxy clusters, 2018 A&A 620, A18
  • C. Horellou, H. T. Intema, V. Smolcic, A. Nilsson, F. Karlsson, C. Krook, L. Tolliner, C. Adami, C. Benoist, M. Birkinshaw et al. (14 more), The XXL Survey - XXXIV. Double Irony in XXL-North: a tale of two radio galaxies in a supercluster at z = 0.14, 2018 A&A 620, A19
  • E. Koulouridis, M. Ricci, P. Giles, C. Adami, M. Ramos-Ceja, M. Pierre, M. Plionis, C. Lidman, I. Georgantopoulos, L. Chiappetti et al. (8 more), The XXL Survey - XXXV. The role of cluster mass in AGN activity, 2018 A&A 620, A20


  First series of XXL papers, July 2016

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  • Lieu et al., 2014: XXL Bright Sample: Weak Lensing MT scaling relation of groups and clusters, Madrid, November, 4-7 2014

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