MPDG 2022, Tel Aviv, Israel

A. Cools, "Neutron and Beta imaging with Micromegas detectors with optical readout".

A. Delbart, "Design, production and performaves of the Encapsulated Resistive Anode Micromegas Detectors for the readout of High Angle TPCs of the upgrade of T2K near detector"

E. Ferrer Ribas, "Ultra low background Micromegas detectors for BabyIAXO solar axion search"

A. Lobasenko, "Missing data renconstruction using CNN in gaseous TPC Panda X-III experiment".

E. Pollacco, "Thirs generation Nuclear Physics instruments with MPGD gas technology"

M. Vandenbroucke,"TPOT: Micromegas detectors to reconstruct distortions of the sPHENIX TPC"

M. Vandenbroucke (F. Bossu), "The CLAS12 Barrel Micromegas Tracker: five years and counting of data taking" 


NDIP 2020 (2022), Troyes, France

A. Cools, "Neutron and beta imaging with Micromegas detectors with optical readout"

L. Segui, "Characterization and First Beam Loss Detection with One ESS-nBLM System Detector", 9th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC'19) Winner of the 2019 Faraday award

MPGD 2019, La Rochelle, France.

D. Attié, "Development of resistive Micromegas TPCs for the T2K experiment".

H. Gomez, "3D Muography with a gaseous TPC equipped with 2D multiplexed Micromegas"

F. Jambon, "Medica-Plus: a Novel Micromegas Detector for High Resolution Beta-Imaging".

M. Revolle, "Performance of the μMegas and μRWELL detector prototypes equipped with the modern laser etched readout planes with improved charge sharing properties".

L. Segui, " Micromegas for beam loss monitoring".

M. Vandenbroucke,"Performances of the Micromegas Vertex Tracker at the CLAS12 experiment for the 2017-2018 physics run.".

M. Vandenbroucke,"Production of Micromegas and progress on the HV stability issues".


L. Segui, "A Micromegas Based Neutron Detector for the ESS Beam Loss Monitoring" 7th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC'18), Shanghai, China, 9-13 September 2018.

T. Papaevangelou, "ESS nBLM: Beam Loss Monitors based on Fast Neutron Detection", ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop (HB'18), Daejeon, Korea, 17-22 June 2018.

E. Ferrer Ribas, "Recherche d’axions avec l’expérience IAXO", 3ème Journée Matière Sombre, Lyon 23 Nov. 2018


NDIP 2017, Tours, France

D. Attié, "Muon Tomography, From High Energy Physics To Societal Applications".

E. Ferrer Ribas, "Micromegas X-Ray Detectors for Solar Axion Searches: Performance in
Cast and Developments for IAXO"

P. Serrano, "Caliste-MM: Soft X-Ray Polarimetry Measurements in a Synchrotron
Facility with a New Concept of Gaseous Detector for Astrophysics Observations".


MPDG 2017, Philadelphia, USA

S. Bouteille, " Muographies of the Giza's Great Pyramid with Micromegas trackers".

P. Colas, "HARPO, a Micromegas+GEM TPC for gamma polarimetry above 1 MeV".

P. Colas, " Status and Future Developments of TPC’s with MPGD readout systems".

E. Ferrer Ribas, " Performance of the CAST Micromegas detectors detectors and perspectives for IAXO".

P. Legou, "A wide energy range neutron spectrometer for fusion experiments or safety diagnostics applications".

D. Neyert, "Status and progress of the future neutrino-less double beta decay search with the PandaX-III experiment".

D. Neryret, "New results on COMPASS pixellized hybrid gaseous detectors for high muon and hadron flux".

S. Procureur, " First industrial production of large area Micromegas by ELVIA: status, applications and perspectives".

M. Vandenbroucke, "Micromegas Tracker for the CLAS12 experiment and for a future EIC".

M. Titov, " Summary".

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