DIS Expertise : instrumentation
DIS Expertise : instrumentation

Instrumentation spatiale (moteurs pour roues à filtres)

The Systems Engineering Department (DIS) has the expertise to implement sensors and actuators to create automated systems for data acquisition or for the control of scientific equipment.

The DIS is involved from end to end of the measuring and control chain:

  • measurement of the physical quantity thanks to industrial or in-house developed sensors,
  • signal conditioning, with analog and/or digital electronics,
  • signal processing, thanks to the development of control/command and industrial computing solutions,
  • process control with the use of actuators,
  • process security, with the development of rapid alert and safety systems.

his know-how is distributed within the LDISC (control-command), LEIGE (electrical engineering) et LEI (electronics). 

Most often, sensors and actuators are integrated into the mechanical systems designed by LCAP (mechanical design).

DIS's instrumentation skills apply to small instrumental components (space mechanisms) as well as industrial-like control systems (nitrogen liquefaction plant). Finally, instrumentation is essential for the implementation of the numerous test benches used by DIS.



Automation of a neutron target loading process (NFS - Ganil): position, speed and temperature sensors, industrial PLC, supervision software and motorizations.
Development of an intelligent signal conditioning rack for cryogenic processes
Radio-frequency signal processing electronics for accelerating cavities


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