DIS expertise: electrical engineering
DIS expertise: electrical engineering

Electrical engineering office

The Systems Engineering Department (DIS) has expertise in the field of electrical engineering. These skills allow the teams to intervene on the following tasks:

  • electrotechnical studies and realizations, 
  • studies and achievements in power electronics,
  • start-up and maintenance of these systems,
  • studies and realizations subcontracting.

The associated professions are mainly to be found within the LEIGE laboratory: electrical technicians or engineers and electrical engineering design and subcontracting managers.

In the field of fundamental physics, these skills intervene in the chain linking the scientific experiment to its control-command system.

They enable the design and installation of high voltage (power supply) and low voltage (signals from the installation's sensors, commands from supervision) distributions, the implementation of safety devices and the integration of control-command equipment in industrial racks.

In power electronics, the engineers and technicians work on power supply, conversion, energy storage and discharge problems, particularly in the field of superconducting magnets and beam sources for accelerators.





Electrotechnical cabinet integrating the equipment for the control of a liquid hydrogen target.

Low voltage wiring of the neutron target converter NFS






Design of the 48V uninterruptible power supply system for the ISEULT MRI Magnet

Superconducting magnet test station discharge contactor


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