Oct 12, 2022
For the 16th edition of the Young Talent France prize, the L'Oréal Foundation has rewarded 35 brilliant young women researchers selected in France from 660 eligible nomination by a jury of excellence composed of 28 researchers from the Science Academy. At the Irfu Astrophysics Department, Elsa Ducrot received this award for physics.  In September 2017 Elsa started a thesis at the University of Liege on the search for potentially habitable planets orbiting ultra-cool stars.
Feb 10, 2021
Imaging planets that could potentially sustain life around nearby stars has become a possibility thanks to advances reported by an international team of astronomers in the journal Nature Communications. Using a newly developed system for mid-infrared exoplanet imaging in combination with a very long observation time, they achieved the capability of directly imaging planets about three times the size of Earth within the habitable zones of nearby stars.


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