Wide-field submm imager for next generation telescopes
Latest news : Artemis installed on APEX (25 sept. 2013)   The Artemis camera has been successfully installed on APEX telescope during the summer 2013. The new camera has already delivered a spectacularly detailed view of the Cat’s Paw Nebula.   APEX telescope at 5100 m on Llano Chajnantor in Chile (Credit ESO).     The commissioning team that installed ArTeMIS had to battle against extreme weather conditions to complete the task.
ArTeMiS bolometer array
An infrared spectrometer of the CASSINI probe
CASSINI-CIRS An infrared spectrometer of the CASSINI probe The Composite InfraRed Spectrometer (CIRS for "Composite InfraRed Spectrometer") is one of the instruments on board the Cassini probe. The Cassini probe was inserted in orbit around Saturn on July 2004, six and half years after its launch.
Tools development to characterize exoplanets’ atmospheres  
The PEBBLES project consists of developing an innovative methodology to characterise the properties of dust around very young stars in the process of forming their proto-planetary disks. Dust is one of the key elements in the physical processes regulating the formation of stars and their planetary systems, but recent observations are overturning the models used until now to describe its evolution from submicron grains to pebbles.
A space observatory developed by ESA for the characterization of exo-planetary systems launched in late 2026. ESA stellar exo-planet system characterization to be launched at the end of 2026.  
Studying rotation dynamics of magnetic stars and their interaction with their planet system. SPIRE - Stars: dynamical Processes driving tidal Interactions, Rotation and Evolution Projet ERC (European Research Council) # 647383 Porteur CEA : S. Mathis
The mid-Infrared instrument of the ESO VLT program
VISIR   The mid-Infrared instrument of the ESO VLT program VISIR is the mid-infrared instrument installed in 2004 at the Cassegrain focus of MELIPAL, one of the four 8-meter telescopes of the European Very Large Telescopes program.
Understanding the physical mechanisms underlying the eruptive activity of the Sun and its stellar twins


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